insomnieInsomnia is relative because some people can sleep only a few hours a night and not be affected in course of their day. However, we can define insomnia as a loss of sleep. Insomnia is a symptom and not a disease. The causes are variable and may be a cause as environmental light or noise, a psychological cause such as stress or disease-related cause.
The consequences of insomnia are daytime sleepiness, irritability, memory loss or difficulty concentrating.
When you are too anxious, we tend to consider sleep as a waste of time. In fact, our body regenerates itself during this period is well known that an infant or a child should sleep well because it is during sleep that growth hormones are secreted in greater quantity.
Can overcome insomnia practicing breathing exercises, avoiding chocolate, orange juice, cola, coffee, tobacco and alcohol before sleep. Make sure also that your room is well appointed and quiet, avoid meals too late, too rich or too spicy.