changing-habitsWe invite you to change those bad habits that have led you to gain weight and not feel fulfilled through our mentoring program, where each week you will receive tips and instructions and you will have clarity of what to change and how to do it.

Get your stuff, do yourself and your goals ten lists. We indications too early to start a happy and healthy new stage.

Before changing your diet, you should read the instructions and be attentive to our following 6 items, which will detail what you can do week to week.

To make changes in our habits we do it step by step. One habit at a time. When we follow a “restrictive diet” can mean too many changes so rarely these changes are durable. A habit is a behavior that we repeat and repeat until it becomes automatic and happens easily. The way to change a habit is repeating, repeating, repeating … until you try to do and happens automatically.

Beginning of this year we have for you a program to follow, in which we will make weekly changes together. If you want to change and do not know how, following our recommendations can be making a change at a time, so as to be effective and achieve together to improve our relationship with food.

The first thing we need is our support material. The changes are accomplished by diligence and discipline, so that the material will be essential to achieve this. It is as if we were at camp, we need to carry with us as we need proper boots, sun hat, flashlight, food. Also in this adventure of changing habits, change of land so you must have the following:


Above all be honest with ourselves. Useless to lie and justify. It is better to accept us and our habits there, to assess where we should go and to set objectives achievable and realistic.
A special book in which you will make your notes and discoveries. We will call “health and wellness Notebook” (or you can put another name that inspires you to write and be motivated). If destine forras and only this mission better.
A special block to make your shopping lists and plan your food for the week.
A bottle of water that you really like, at least half a liter to carry with you. You must like the design, color and shape it will accompany you when you’re away from home.
A set of 2 or 3 plastic containers of good quality and also like a special bag to take with you. One of the first changes we do is learn to take with us our food. You’ll see, it’s easier than you think. There are very practical and complete lunch boxes you can buy and if not, with some tupperware and a good bag is more than enough.


Before you consider new targets for our health this new year, it makes sense to first evaluate ourselves, check how it has been our diet, exercise and habits in general.

Ask yourself the following questions and write the answers in your notebook under the heading of self.

– My weight is different from last year?

– Do I feel healthy and energized or tired most of the time?

– Like at home or away? What kind of food and beverages (make a list)?

– If I go to restaurants, what kind of restaurants are and what kind of dishes I choose?

– How healthy portions or me “chock full” every time I sit down to eat?

– Do I smoke?

– I exercise?

– How much alcohol do I take during the week?


Do I want to lose weight? Lower cholesterol or triglycerides? Does the blood pressure or glucose? Do I want to feel more energetic?

Decide what you really want to accomplish for you in terms of food and record in your “notebook health and welfare.”

For physical activity also need to decide your goals. An example is: “during the first month, I will walk 10 minutes Monday and Thursday, and will greatly increase up to 30 minutes. To feel motivated invite my daughter and I will buy some nice and comfortable sneakers. ”


There are many types of diet for each individual need. Choose according to what you need according to your health status.