There is no denying that health and safety practices have improved considerably in the UK over recent decades. Whereas in the past, ruthless employers could get away with flagrantly disregarding the well-being of their workers, they now face tough sanctions if their standards of risk management slip.


Certain dangers tend to stand out in workplaces. For example, when personnel operate at height, use heavy-duty machinery or come into contact with potentially hazardous substances, it is obvious that keen attention must be paid to protecting their safety. However, there are other, more subtle risks to look out for too.

For example, workers who spend long hours at their desks may suffer furniture at work problems. Without the right seating, desks and computer stations, personnel can develop a whole range of medical complaints. Over time, they can damage their spines and muscles and they can experience repetitive strain injuries.

Therefore, if bosses are to avoid being the subject of furniture at work complaints, it is imperative that they ensure they source suitable furniture for their employees. Luckily, this is now straightforward. By heading online, firms can access top-quality desks, chairs and other items at competitive prices. Meanwhile, the process of ordering takes a matter of moments.

The issue of occupational health and well-being was in the spotlight recently thanks to calls made by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). During the political party conference season, the body attempted to raise awareness and support for good health and safety management. It met with politicians at all three of the main political party conferences to make the argument that effective risk management can boost productivity, morale and profit.

IOSH’s head of policy and public affairs Richard Jones remarked: “We need better awareness, training for GPs, tax exemptions for employers and more recognition of the key role of the health and safety profession. The daily impact of getting it wrong on families, businesses and the economy is massive. Last year alone, over a million people suffered an illness they put down to their work, with 22.7 million working days lost to it. We need a national wake-up call to make sure health and well-being is taken more seriously.”

He went on to state: “Health and safety professionals have lots of practical advice for making life better for everyone – helping improve health and preventing a multitude of disorders, including… disabling muscle and joint pain… Though less ‘instant and dramatic’ than injury, sometimes taking years to develop, illness is equally devastating and must be tackled.”

To help ensure that they have suitable furniture for their employees, managers can conduct furniture at work reviews. This enables them to establish if there are any problems or issues. Although getting new products does require some investment, it can save both workers and employers difficulties further down the line. Meanwhile, there is plenty of information and advice on workplace furniture on the web for bosses to refer to if they are unsure about anything and want additional guidance.

About the authorAnna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written extensively on workplace safety and contributes to a range of office furniture sites, including Furniture at Work.