acupuncture-and-backpainBack pain is one of the most frequent causes of medical consultation and worker absenteeism.

It is often difficult to find a good response to treatment.

Acupuncture is a highly effective treatment for back pain.

Simply insert small, painless acupuncture needles, blood and produces arrival of energy at that point and take substances to reduce inflammation and also will produce muscle relaxation by the simple act of putting a needle in a muscle.

During treatment information reach the brain and this will produce substances that will give relaxation and well being.

The outcome will be different depending on the cause of the pain. Not the same pain caused by osteoarthritis of years of evolution, an acute back pain from overuse or overexertion, or a herniated disc, or a whiplash, etc.

In the case of arthrosis we need several treatment sessions to observe improvement, as would happen in case of osteoporosis. In acute low back pain, we will see improvement from day one. In cases of back pain caused by herniated disc, can treat whether surgery poses as if conservative treatment is recommended. In all cases we can help by reducing pain and inflammation. It is also useful after surgery to speed the process.

With acupuncture can effectively treat both neck pain, back pain and back pain as well as pain sacra-coccyges, including those due to trauma or fall.

The great advantage of acupuncture treatment apart from its highly effective is that they will not have side effects, and is contraindicated with other medications or therapies.

In some cases we will significantly reduce the pain, and in other cases it can be completely cured.

In some cases due to chronic disease, we suggest a maintenance treatment with acupuncture.