dog-with-his-masterGood education

Along with the pleasure of owning a dog, there are important guidelines to ensure a healthy living. Overall, from five months a dog is able to socialize. “For better development of their behavior, we must desensitize the puppy, namely accustom to smells, noises, people, spaces outside the house where he lives,” explains Claudio Piaggio veterinarian.

It is also the ideal age to begin to educate about food and health guidelines, the space where you sleep, what objects can bite, how or who can play, to which companies must molding, how to behave on the street .

In addition, an obedience training is very useful in certain breeds, although “the ideal is that the dog be trained in the company of your own and learn on the basis of rewards and never fear,” says the specialist.


Much time per day you have to devote to your pet or periods that you spend your vacation, plus the budget that you have also are elements to consider when choosing your dog. A Great Dane is an excellent companion dog, well, restless with his affectionate and easy to train, but needs space and go for a walk two or three times per day, in addition to the complicated move in a car and what to speak to leave another home if you’re traveling.

Like him, any other breed of large-sized involves spending more on food and childcare. If you are a peace loving person, not hesitate: choose a Beagle and a faithful companion will follow you sun. But if you prefer action a loose and friendly Boxer will be your ideal companion.

Tit for tat

The combination between masters and pets is as variable as individuals and animals exist. It is the animal that always accompanies man and provides companionship and protection. In a house, the dog is part of the family, a being who grows and share every moment of life. So, experts stress the importance of raising them with responsibility and affection. Looking after your regime and veterinary vaccines and hygiene and proper nutrition is essential to ensure coexistence with pets happy you choose to share your days.