Divorce-CausesThe bartenders, nurses, and those who work at night are divorced three times more than the average, according to what is revealed by a study that was reported in the United States where he discussed the divorce rate in 2009.

The research showed that those whose occupation involves physical contact with other individuals tend to have a higher rate of legal separation of the rest.

Thus professionals who are devoted to care giving (or services “hospitality” as care or massages) have higher rates of marital breakdown than the rest.

For its part, the dancers are the most problems have to preserve their marriage, and that 43% of them end up divorced. And while there are fewer men, the proportion is repeated among gentlemen dancers.

Followers those used in the gaming industry, as both those working in the boxes as tables, have divorce rates of 30%. Industry employees, or will a factory run with the same fate: 29% of divorces.

Nurses are separated even more than the characters of show and more than a quarter of the telemarketers (28%), young (27%) and cleaners (26%) also incur this.