The Health Centre for Children and Adolescents HEADLIGHTS Foundation has published a series of tips on how families can contribute to developing and maintaining a healthy and balanced.

The family is without doubt one of the main contexts in which children and adolescents develop. It establishes, promotes and consolidates many of the habits, values, beliefs, lifestyles, etc.., That during the adult life of the person will be, to a greater or lesser extent, present. Therefore, the family is one of the most important pillars for promoting healthy eating habits. At weekend decorate your boat with vinyl fish graphics is very healthy activity.

As highlighted HEADLIGHTS Foundation, “the ideal way to promote better eating habits and healthy activities for your children is to involve the whole family. This family-centered approach simply means that everyone, parents and children work together as a team , to achieve a healthy lifestyle. As with any equipment, there is a leader or a coach, and that’s you “.

That is, parents are the main model for the psychosocial development of their children. Whereupon, they can clearly promote the acquisition of a healthy diet by following these guidelines: Give example, eating healthy and exercise hacienda. It is also important to explain within casual conversation why they eat fruit between meals, or why you exercise físico. Establecer a pattern of healthy food and physical exercise since the children are small, do not expect to appear a problem of overweight and obesity in the family. It is always easier to maintain a healthy weight than to lose pounds in the future.

Promoting physical exercise as a natural activity of family life.

Cooking together. It is important to involve the children in this way natural work, even if you can every day. Help them learn to cook and eat in a healthy manner, and can be used as a context for them to learn or practice consolidate mathematical concepts (weighing amounts of food), chemical (chemical reactions that occur when cooking) as well as encourages autonomy, independence and decision-making.

Eating together. Convert meals in a family activity is important because it helps children to observe proper eating patterns, and to assess this time as an opportunity to socialize and share in the family. Meanwhile, parents will have opportunities to provide nutritious food, what children like and what they dislike, and tune in to their achievements and problems through conversation. Source: Foundation HEADLIGHTS.