Mothers-in-styleYou’re the mother and you look wonderful wedding day your son or daughter, although you are aware that it is your big day and therefore cannot steal the spotlight from the bride. Find in this article the most important secrets to attend the wedding of your children, keeping the rules of etiquette.

The label:

Good practice standards indicate that the mother of the bride must choose her outfit for the wedding first. Then you should inform the groom’s mother so that it can make your selection of color and style. Similarly it is advised that the contracting mom choose her outfit with the advice of the Bride, so that it can review how you want your mother looks on her big day. Save this simple etiquette for both relations with your daughter as to his future in-laws are very respectful.


Although the great day of the bride and groom, in-law will also be very annoying during the wedding. Avoid shades of white, ivory and beige, as these colors are exclusively reserved for the bride. Similarly, if the bride chooses a dress of another hue, this color will be exclusively reserved for her.

Many women like to wear black to refine the silhouette or the elegance of this color, but in-law should avoid for wedding day for its connotations of wake. Likewise avoids the use of very lit colors such as red passion.

And to conclude with the color theme, remember that in-law should not opt ​​for the same color as the bridesmaids cut. However, the tones that match the colors chosen by the court will be a perfect touch to make memorable photographs.

The style:

The mothers in law must keep balance in a style not too demure or sexy. Remember that it is better to wear a dress, but if you’re not comfortable you can ask the bride if she would mind you to use a suit with pants.