mask-against-blemishes-and-acneIf your skin is sensitive and are prone to acne or small spots, from Beauty expert give you the recipe for a mask that you can wear a face free of impurities and harshness. As you know, from time to time is good to opt for home products as well as being economical we provide highly visible results.

At this time we recommend a very natural mask, and above all easy to make yoghurt and orange. Specifically we need a tablespoon of plain yogurt and orange juice also native.

All you have to do is mix the two ingredients in a bowl until it forms a more or less consistent mixture. If the preparation is ready, let’s apply or around the face, or just in areas where we have spots or small impurities. We can do it with the help of our fingers or a brush.

We will leave it for a little over half an hour for our skin absorbs into the preparation. You will notice a very relaxing feel and especially refreshing.

After that time we rinsed well the face with water to remove traces of the mask and dead cells.

Once we have your face completely clean, we apply our usual tonic and cream. When we’re sure to notice that our skin is more clean and refreshed. Also if we repeat this process for several days, we will see those stains slowly and pimples will disappear thanks to vitamin C and orange yogurt proteins.
Maintaining good beauty routine

As a final tip, remember that it is very important that at least once a week I make a face scrub to remove dead cells from our skin and so renew periodically.

The best in these cases is to take a good daily routine and always use the most appropriate given our skin type. Remember that if you are consistent, the results will become visible much faster.