Panic attack in children is a sudden feeling of fear and intense something without reason. Effects of such attacks vary in each person. Anyone could be experienced at any time unexpectedly. Even children are not immune to such attacks. In this regard, it is important to know how you handle this situation with your affected children.

The symptoms of this abnormal condition in children are not different from what adult’s experience. There might know the feeling:

  1.     Shortness of breath
  2.     Palpitation
  3.     Sweating
  4.     Chest pain
  5.     Shaking and trembling

As mentioned above there is no reason why certain it happens. But there are some factors that affect a child eventually clear signs of a panic attack. These factors are:

It can be a hereditary problem. One or more members of the family of the child may have suffered a similar attack in one way or another.  Child may have learned to have a negative outlook on things. This can result from worrying about it and are afraid of what the outcome would be. This could be gained from what the child sees his or her parents.
Drugs or a chemical imbalance can also cause a child to panic attacks. It is therefore important that you monitor what children take.  Sudden changes in lifestyle or environment could also be one of the reasons that can cause a child to have a stroke. There might be changes that make extreme sadness or stress.

Diseases that could affect brain function may also be a reason for panic attacks. Children with problems such as:

  1.  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  2. Hypoglycemia

It is often pointed out that often occur in children when they are in their pre-puberty. A step in which most children are confused or have a sense of duty belong.

Help solving this kid starts within the family. If parents ignore the child’s condition can lead to more serious problems to children while growing up.

Parents should be a role model for their children. They should be able to explain why things happen and what the consequences are when things happened. This does not only focus on the negative things, but on the positive side and how to deal with it if there are negative things they need to cope.
Let your kids have a private life. Balance in the sense of when to let them play and interact with other children. Socialize with other people could at least mitigate the feeling of being alone. A feeling that sometimes causes children to fear certain things. A happy childhood could lead a normal life away from panic attacks.

A result of your love and concern gives your child a sense of security.
Panic attack is not something you can choose not to have. So far as possible, it is important that we understand how to treat this condition. To receive more information and more free and valuable advice, subscribe to our newsletter now.