When Movie Night gets to be even more dull and monotonous, you can mix up your activities with Gourmet Pizza Tasting Night. It’s a fun twist to wine-tasting. Only instead of getting buzzed by the wine’s alcoholic content, you’ll get sumptuously filled by the finest ingredients of awesome-tasting pizza selections.

Pizza Tasting Night can also be more relaxed and bring about ease, as compared to sophisticated wine-tasting sessions.


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Top Selections to Choose From

Your preferred tastes can be catered with today’s various types of pizza chains. Go traditional with selected restaurants with these basic selections: Aussie, BBQ Chicken, Margherita, Capricciosa, and Hawaiian. You can choose different kinds of flavours depending on what your group would mostly go for.

Tips in Prepping Up for a Fun Night

You can either include your family members or buddies in this activity. If you’re aiming for your friends and family to bond even more, make sure to make your Pizza Tasting Night sessions regular. Here are some basic elements you can include in paving the way for a fantastic night of hang out:

  • Games’ Mechanics

Draw some lots among your family members and test the connoisseur in you. Try a blind test. Each participant should be blindfolded and will then randomly bite off some pizza slices. They shall test out whether each selection would be Hawaiian, BBQ, Wagyu, or Four Cheese. Initially state the different flavours which were prepared before the game begins.

The trick is for each participant to voice out what he or she can taste with every bite. This should then lead to each member, correctly guessing which pizza he or she might have gotten.

The member with the most correct guesses can win favours, such as being off-duty on specific chores or even daring the member with most losses with a spoofy task.

  • Location

Pizza Tasting can get quite messy, so it’s suggested you place your boxes either at the activity room or at your mini-theatre. You can leave a huge table on the side and include an appetising set up with small platters for everyone to place their pizza slices.

Make sure the set up provides for easy clean up as well. You wouldn’t want to have difficulty in removing sauce stains on carpets and doilies right after a fun night of hanging out.

  • An Engaging Host

The host’s main task is to moderate the activity. This, however, doesn’t mean the host wouldn’t have a crucial part in making your Pizza Tasting Night exciting. In fact, his or her personality should liven up the game. The host can add up to the memorability of your hang out.

  • Additional Things to Bring

Pizza Tasting Night wouldn’t be complete without beer, soda, or fresh juices for the diet conscious to even out the snacked-on fats. You can also watch a movie after enjoying your food tasting game with your pizza selections.

Keep in mind to be also open to newer ideas, such as playing mini-soccer or billiards. The objective is to make the sessions fun and engaging. Being even more welcoming can enhance the togetherness you’re trying to foster during Pizza Tasting Night.

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