Prevent-Bleeding-GumsThe bleeding of the gums may occur when teeth are not properly brushed and cleaned not floss or side effects of conditions such as leukemia, scurvy, or deficiency of Vitamin K.

There are some suggestions that will help keep your gums healthy:

  •      How to stop smoking.
  •      Consuming vitamins recommended by your doctor.
  •      Do not take aspirin unless your doctor tells you.
  •      If your gums are bleeding due to a medication ask your doctor about possible alternatives.
  •      Massage their gums gently with oral irrigation tool and remember to use irrigation tool in soft mode.
  •      Make sure your teeth are aligned correctly, and talk to your doctor if your denture is causing bleeding or may be causing pain.

If your gums are bleeding, take a cloth and wet it with cold water and hold it on the affected area until you get to your doctor.