chocolate-filled-cupcakesOn many occasions we have spoken of the pleasure of cooking with kids. The love of cooking is very important. There is evidence that people who eat homemade food prepared daily with care and dedication by themselves, have a better diet than those who do not pay attention and they do not like preparing food.

Certainly, one does not have to be equivalent to the other, but if you like to cook, we have the advantage of being able to instill in our children with passion this task. Children are sponges that absorb authentic devotion everything that parents teach them. It’s best to start with simple recipes, that catches their attention and they feel hungry especially are proud to know prepare our own lunch.

So today I propose a fun time with your children and prepare a delicious breakfast or snack based filled chocolate cupcakes. I assure you that these muffins like both children, and adults, do not lose them!


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