Kids Safety in the CarTraffic accidents are the leading cause of infant death. Much smaller the child will have their most serious injury in an accident. Children must be subject to any age, from newborn to adolescents. Children tend to imitate what they see, so adults should set an example by going always well seated and using the seat belt.

You must follow these tips to insure safety of children traveling in car.

  1. Do not bring the child up under any circumstances.
  2. Before starting the journey, ensure that all doors are properly closed and if your car has safety locks, use them.
  3. Do not allow children to play with the windows and they throw things for them.
  4. Do not let children fight in the car, do not allow them to do things that can distract you. It is appropriate for an adult traveling with children in the back seat in order to meet their needs. Belts should be worn songs or stories, encourage them to recognize license plates, signs, ads, that do not get bored.
  5. Do not start driving until all occupants are properly seated and wearing the seat belt in place. Let them see the importance of seat belt use.
  6. When you stop somewhere, teach always going down the door closest to the sidewalk and only after an adult give the indication.
  7. Do not carry in the car, to a sudden stop, can fall on the occupants. Should never be carrying heavy or aggressive songs inside the vehicle.
  8. The child should always wear approved restraint system (car seat) Even in town or short trips.
  9. According to Royal Decree 965/2006 of September 1, the under 12 should always ride in the rear seats. There are only two exceptions to the above rule:
  10. Those child passengers in a device approved for that purpose by ensuring that the front airbag is disconnected passenger seat
  11. Exceptionally, when the child’s height is equal to or greater than 135 inches, the under twelve can go in the front seat and restraint system using their own adult safety belt for the front seats are equipped.
  12. Regarding the rear seating, children whose height does not reach 135 centimeters, necessarily must use approved restraint device adapted to their size and weight. If your height is less than 135 cm and not more than 150 inches, may be used interchangeably approved a retainer adapted to their height and weight or adult safety belt.
  13. Do not let it stick out head or body between the front seats.
  14. Car temperature should be around 20 to 22 degrees.
  15. Use a lens hood to avoid direct sunlight on the baby.
  16. Perform the necessary stops.
  17. Never leave children unattended in the car. Temperatures can soar in minutes and the child can die from heat stroke. It can strangle automatic windows or sunroofs or can put the car in gear. They can also be abducted or can take you if you steal the car.