Recommendations on how to act in certain situations.

Chemical Accidents

When in a chemical emergency occurs that can push their limits and affect their environment, such as a toxic cloud, the authorities notify a nearby town of the existence of a state of emergency and disseminate specific instructions.Chemical Accident

  1. Always follow the disclosure.
  2. Stay calm and do not start on their own actions.
  3. Retreat enclosed and the interior areas of the building.
  4. Close doors and windows, close blinds, put wet rags in the cracks and stay away from them.
  5. Shut off gas and electricity.
  6. Turn off ventilation systems and air conditioning, if any.
  7. No smoke or fire of any kind.
  8. Stay tuned to local radio stations and follow the instructions that may be given.
  9. Stay off the streets, not even to pick up their children at school, until the authorities declare the end of the emergency.
  10. Do not use the telephone except in cases of extreme necessity.
  11. If you are on the road, protect the airway with tissues and seek shelter. The car is not safe.

Sexual Assault

If you have been sexually assaulted.Sexual Assault

  1. Try not to go alone for low-traffic areas, and if it is essential, change of itinerary.
  2. Avoid hitchhiking, pick up strangers or alone in the elevator with strangers.
  3. Try not to open the door of the portal looking both inside and outside. Never enter with strangers on the portal.
  4. Do not open the door to strangers, especially if you are alone at home.
  5. Buses and conurbations are used by some people for touching. React and respond to the specific situation so that there does badly.
  6. Too much drugs and alcohol during the holidays, can cause unwanted situations occur with certain people. We must be alert and react to every situation that may end up cutting attitudes on offense against the person.
  7. If you are a victim of a sexual assault or battery, try as far as possible, retain the more details on the features of the offender and where aggression has occurred to assist in identification.
  8. Report the facts in any Office Citizen Police Corps of Navarre, in order that appropriate actions are carried out both health care and care for the victim, and the arrest of the perpetrator of the crime.

Dogs Aggression

Following measures prevent from dog aggression.Dog Aggression

  1. In no case will remove food or any object in the mouth to a strange dog. It is better to lose in order to face an assault.
  2. If a dog shows his teeth and growls, move away from him slowly, trying not to turn away or look him straight in the eye.
  3. When riding a motorcycle or bicycle in the presence of a dog, slow down or stop walking. The speed can activate their hunting instinct and try to reach you.
  4. If your dog suffers from another dog aggression, not scream or put your hand between their heads as I could get a bite. These clashes, although they are bulky, do not usually cause serious harm to the animals. If you decide to intervene, simultaneously pull the tails of the animals and take the time to separate confounding.
  5. Do not allow children to touch strange dogs, whatever their size and shape, even in the presence of an adult.
  6. Do not let children run around with a dog is behind a fence, since they can activate their instincts of defense or hunting.
  7. Try to get the children to the presence of dogs. Fear must be overcome gradually linking the child with affable dogs. A frightened child causes confusion in the animal, which may misunderstand their fear.