Sport-for-losing-the-weightTo lose weight fast while toning your whole body, this is a sports program with three disciplines that really works on the silhouette.

Urban Dance, the benefits of fitness and dance

Mixing the tone of fitness and fluidity of dance, Urban Dance is the solution to lose weight quickly. Specially designed by Coach Club this discipline varies movements to the rhythm of different styles of music: hip-hop, raga, salsa … sessions (30-45 minutes) offer a multitude of mini-choreographic to solicit all muscles. Cardio, strength and coordination exercises can eliminate stress and refine its shape gradually.
A 45-minute practice Urban Dance at an intermediate level, you burn 500 calories.

Losing weight, step by step!
Discipline star fitness, step has only accessory a walk (“Step” in English “) to level and more flexible benefits on your body: muscle building and weight loss. With step, ultra fun fitness program and punchy, you’ll miss or finesse or firmness. This discipline allows the body muscles but also to get your heart pumping to burn calories.
A 30-minute practice step, you burn 255 calories.

With aerobics, sweating to liquidate the fat!
Fitness discipline flagship created in the 60s, aerobics is more than ever up to date with its efficacy on your silhouette. Aerobics mix of cardiovascular and strength training exercises and helps you lose weight effectively.
In 30 minutes of practice aerobics, you burn about 250 calories.