Your mind has an incredible, yet often underutilized power to shape the kind of body you always dreamed of. As Arnold Schwarzenegger would put it: “It is the mind that creates the body.” We are not talking only about motivation and determination, and the roots of what you are about to discover go far deeper. Mental weapons do not only prepare us for life’s inevitable obstacles, they change the basic rules of the game of life. Building an inner sanctuary of strength is the only way to make the effort really show on the outside.

Search for the Holy Grail

A mental component is what makes all the difference between people who bounce off the gym walls and those who turn up only to show off. Stepping up in the mental department enables you to leapfrog even over those bulked-up dudes who tower over you. Mental strength is what allows us to stay on track and reach set goals. This, however, requires you to nurture your mental health. So, embrace positive thinking, regulate emotions and ram your own path to success.

The key is in translating all this willpower into healthy habits and investing a great deal of time and energy into your fitness project. To get that sculpted body, one has to increase muscle size and lose body fat. Many people have been long searching for the Holy Grail, a performance enhancer which makes a real difference. Well, it was right there all the time, or to be more precise, behind your eyes the whole time. So, try to visualize not your goals, but the road that leads to them.

This helps you set a plan and carry out a training program. Research has shown that visualizing yourself doing weight lifts slightly boosts the effectiveness of training. Furthermore, body fat is tied to cortisol levels in the body, and it can be reduced to mediation, another form of mental visualization. The good news is that it drops down after only a few days of this practice, so there goes your pre-workout ritual. Take a moment to mentally prepare and imagine yourself going through all those reps.

Burn the candle at both ends

This practice is tied to the findings of another study. Experts suggest that the perception of an activity you are engaged in is just as important as the physical effort involved. The evidence was gathered from a group of housewives who switched to top gear after being told that household activities burn fat. Therefore, grasp the various benefits of strength training. This practice is much more than just an instrument for bulking up. Developing a deeper understanding of the matter will help you take your determination to the next level.

This kind of unbeatable winning mentality can spill over into other areas of your life and induce bursts of productivity. The determination may do miracles for your performance, but it is not a silver bullet. You still need other tools in your fitness arsenal. Therefore, make sure you have a bottle of water, a post-workout snack, and proper sports apparel. The latter enables you to breathe, concentrate, and move freely. Luckily, the online landscape is teeming with excellent stores like RyderWear that offer sports gear tailored to prime fitness results.

Once you check all these items off the list of essentials, it is time to get busy. You have everything you need to avoid risking injury and support that allows you to put in a maximum effort. As we have seen, looking ahead is crucial, but do not forget to take a look over your shoulder as well, and evaluate your progress every now and then. Developing the basis for strength gain is a work in progress, so be prepared to commit to this endeavor over a long haul.

On a pedestal

Whenever you are pressed against the wall or muse on throwing in the towel, know that putting on mental armor is what it takes to turn the situation around. Frame everything you do in your mind and stimulate muscle gains with the mental art of visualization. Set some time aside to prepare for the exercise and try to incorporate relaxing practices in your daily schedule. Cut body fat like deadwood and build muscles worthy of a bodybuilder. The sense of accomplishment is your ultimate reward waiting on the pedestal you have forged with your own blood, sweat, and tears.

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