solitude-imageWe can distinguish four types of loneliness:

  1. Loneliness due to celibacy
  2. Loneliness due to geographic isolation, the loss of a job or illness
  3. The loneliness of a morbid dependency
  4. Loneliness even when surrounded by very


this loneliness is variable and felt at specific times of the day, like when you come in the evening after a day’s work, and nobody is there to greet you. There are different ways to overcome this feeling of loneliness. I could cite platitudes like taking a pet, throw on the stereo to put background music (or at least music that covers the silence), hasten watering her flowers or any other “ritual “that would fill the void. Instead, I want to tell you this: assume that solitude, understand it is good! And if it really is not your thing to be alone, so take the necessary steps! Out, invite friends and family, find a (e) partner … But again be careful! Do not act out of spite and not looking for someone to fill a void. This gap is likely to be filled by yourself. Do not think that relationship and the fact of “find someone” to host the evening is the solution. Instead, you will encounter problems in the future that will lead to fracture, break you plunge into solitude and become even more because you will feel guilty and sooner or later responsible for the break (which is not wrong …). To break the loneliness of celibacy, make an ally! Use this time to get to know you and know your expectations, what you really satisfy. Leave your ego aside and think about your true desires in a relationship. Pamper yourself, enjoy the time that is up to you to take care of your appearance, your wellbeing, it will be even more beneficial when you finally meet the right person. She will see that you take care of yourself, you are kind to yourself, reflecting optimism and joie de vivre that the person will appreciate as many qualities.



Three very different and delicate …
With regard to geographical isolation, it is here to take an important decision for us to radically change life! It is obvious that, in some cases, this decision must be carefully considered, especially reflected in the long term do not have to regret his choice …
Regarding the isolation of a patient, do not be afraid of what other people or afraid to ask. Isolation only increases the pain.
The loss of a job makes you feel guilty, but again isolate itself will not solve the problems …
i-Geographic isolation
you chose to live in the countryside, for example, but soon you realize that you are far from everything and everyone. There is no other solution than to change again to make a new start elsewhere, accept that you are wrong and revise your choices and interests. Consider the same example, but this time it is not a deliberate choice, it’s your life forever. Again, be in control of your life and choose change.

this is the most complex case, especially if you have no family or friends to support you in these difficult times. Know that indifference does not exist and that if you push the investigation to have relationships with caring people you are! This is an opportunity to make new friends or new friends through charities … If instead you have family and friends, then this isolation is a choice you make, and if you weigh that choice, change it. Do not be afraid to ask! Do not confuse compassion around you with pity. Do not throw the hands that tend the grounds that you have in your body and in your spirit. You do suffer a lot by doing so … And if your goal is to inflict this suffering because after all you have too aware that it is useless to fight against the wrong people. This is a roundabout way of not facing reality. If you fight against the disease that is! And the best way is still to live normally having relationships with others, with moments of pure happiness, laughter, satisfaction … The disease does not exclude this.

iii-A period of unemployment
Again, the subject is delicate … because a period of unemployment, especially if it lasts, is extremely painful psychologically. But have you wondered why it was so painful? It is a matter of perspective! So far the company has come to you only see one: the point of view is that unemployment = failure. So to change, analyze what a “point of view”: Here’s a little story that I particularly like as it is eloquent:

“One day, a man wearing a hat, goes into the doctor’s office.
– Hello Doctor!
– Hello sir …. So what can I do for you?
The man, without saying a word, removes his hat reveals the top of her head a frog.
– Ha! I see …. and how it happened?
And the frog said:
– It started with a plantar wart …. ‘

It is expected that this is the man who has a problem with the frog and the frog with no man … Of course this story is fantasy but it illustrates perfectly the point. Change yours on unemployment! Ask yourself the right questions … Why do I struggle to find work, or why I was fired? This job right for me? Would this not the right time to change? What are my skills and chosen field? And if I took the opportunity to rest, because I need it! In all cases, there is no reason that you dismiss the rest of the world because unemployment is not a contagious disease, nor shame written on your face. Choose to make a profit.

This loneliness is often caused when one is distressed by a sense of abandonment, feeling justified by your experience, it can be a real abandonment in the strict sense of the term, a boyfriend left you by example, but it can also involve the loss of a loved one. It is good in both cases to identify the problem, analyze it, understand it and exceed it, for it is said that every problem there is a solution, it is not always the case, sometimes the Life is hard and we go through painful experiences that nothing can solve; must know how to turn the pages of the past.

In this type of loneliness, the biggest problem is the paradox: I am surrounded (e) and yet I feel lonely (e)! It is obvious that in this case the person who is missing is yourself. You feel like the loneliness is actually a huge frustration. This frustration may be sentimental or professional order. What is certain is that you know you must do something, but you never take the time to know what the problem is and latent. Once again, loneliness is not your enemy, it should instead play a beneficial role, made a little space around you and spend more time for yourself and make a work of introspection. Do readings, it is possible that you discover talents or desires thanks to the books because books are windows on the world. Change your habits, frequent new places because there is evidence that it is a “mistake referral” that immerses you in this confusion.