stay slim-without-dietEating keeping the line, without missing and without going through the system case, it is possible!

Follow the food guide to healthy eating to stay slim.

It takes four meals per day
Food rate during the day is of paramount importance. Imperative to 4 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner) is involved in avoiding weight gain. The timing of meals does not matter, it depends on our lifestyle. But it is important to space meals three hours, time of digestion. Snacking is obviously prohibited.

There is “thrown” not
Enough to eat, that dictates our appetite is essential. Basically, you can eat what you want, provided you have hungry and stop when you are full. The best would even eat keeping a hint of hunger. So we can not count the calories, grams, it diversifies its power every day to absorb all the nutrients the body needs. More stress to blow the range too, which can be fatal to her figure. We eat well and zen taking into account their needs.

The focus is on food quality
We can never say it enough: water is essential to our body. Drinking water, 1.5 liters of water a day, contributes to our well-being. Everything is good to eat, according to certain rules:

Animal food proteins are mainly represented by eggs, meats, fish and seafood, they are not fattening if eaten during meals and in good quantity (ours).
They are accused of all evils, and yet fats are essential to the body. Contrary to popular belief, natural fats (olive oil, milk, butter and cheese) are not fattening. These natural fats are an integral part of our diet, but must be consumed in the right amount. It therefore should not be abused. Since there should not be deprived totally of fat, it is advisable to reduce all those of animal origin and prefer vegetable oils. If you do not like olive oil, canola oil comes second, and palm oil and sunflower oil.
The carbohydrate-
They are found mainly in fruits, vegetables, honey, beverages, in many manufactured products such as bread, pasta, pastries. In the figure, better to stop sugar (red white sugar cane, ice, candy) and prefer another natural sweetener: honey.