Stress-in-PregnancyThe mom can take some good habits to avoid suffering stress and live a pregnancy serene, healthy and happy. Let’s see how to get to our Decalogue stress.

Stress is a reaction of the body to any stimulus, whether physical, emotional or mental, which tends to disrupt our balance. This is the case of pregnancy, nine months in which the mother has to deal with changes in your body and your mood at the same time you must reorganize their work and family life, depending on the baby in way.

Waiting for a child does not necessarily mean being stressed. If the pregnancy is normal, quiet and does not produce severe physical, should not generate excessive stress. However, there are women living with anxiety this time because of his character, or because they have a difficult family or work environment.

If, during pregnancy, you feel tired, nervous or anxious, we recommend you follow our advice stress:

  1. Be aware of both your limits and your own resources.
  2. It uses relaxation exercises such as yoga or meditation.
  3. Follow a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and cereals.
  4. Sleep at least eight hours.
  5. Drink plenty of water, at least a liter and a half a day.
  6. Practice exercise at least two hours a week of swimming, gymnastics or soft ride.
  7. Beware and avoid all situations where you do not feel at ease.
  8. Go out with a group of friends.
  9. Avoid consumption of snuff and alcohol.
  10. Laugh often. Laughter makes us in a state of psychological well-being and positively influences the functioning of the organism.