Back pain is a very common problem in the UK and in many other countries around the world. The human body is particularly susceptible to this issue and a considerable number of adults suffer the affliction at some stage in their lives. In many cases, the problem passes. However, for some it develops into a chronic complaint.

Unsurprisingly given the potentially debilitating nature of back pain, there have been numerous attempts to address and alleviate it. For example, consumers can invest in electric back massager products that help to reduce discomfort.


For those who experience pain in their backs, these massage pad devices can prove very useful.

Specially designed shoes are also used by some individuals with back problems. It was thought that footwear with curved, unstable soles could lower back pain levels.  They were believed to improve posture and reduce back and joint discomfort. However, researchers from King’s College London have found this may not be the case.

The team suggests that curved shoes are no better than traditional trainers when it comes to lowering back pain. Indeed, they suggested that regular trainers may be more beneficial for back pain brought on by standing or waking.

The findings were published in the journal Spine and they were based on a study involving 115 people with chronic lower back pain. These individuals were asked to wear so-called ‘rocker sole shoes’ or normal trainers for at least two hours a day while standing and walking. They also attended an exercise and education programme once a week for four weeks while wearing the shoes.

After six weeks, six months and then one year, the participants were assessed using a disability questionnaire and it was found that people in the trainer-wearing group experienced a more significant reduction in disability than those in the rocker sole group.

Six months into the study, 53 per cent of the trainer group showed a small improvement in their back mobility, compared with only 31 per cent of the rocker sole group.

Research leader Dr Sian MacRae remarked: “On the basis of the findings of this randomized clinical trial, clinicians should be confident in advising patients with chronic lower back pain that wearing either rocker sole shoes or trainers may offer similar outcomes in disability and pain.

“However, if a patient reports lower back pain when standing or walking, it may be more beneficial to wear trainers than rocker sole shoes.”

By testing different treatments and products to see what works for them, people can often lower the discomfort they suffer as a result of back pain. Whether they are after new footwear, massage chair pad items or anything else, they can now head online. Sourcing products in this way can be quick and easy, and it is possible for consumers to benefit from impressive value for money.

A proactive approach towards back pain management can have a hugely positive impact on people’s quality of life, so it is worth individuals’ while to investigate the options available to them.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written extensively on the subject of sleep for a number of sites, including Niagara Therapy.