dog-buyingBefore you buy a pet, it will keep you company for about 12 years, should consider the following 10 recommendations:

First: analyze their economic potential not only to buy the dog, but also to maintain it.

Second: consider the dimensions of your home. Depending on it must be the dog breed you choose. For example, do not expect a German Shepherd comfortable living in a small studio.

Third: how much money you make each month? Do the math and find out how much you can spend on your dog, to determine if it has the necessary budget.

Fourthly: do their daily, leave him little time to spend with your dog? Remember that some breeds require more time than others to do the exercise necessary for its formation. Also, no dog is happy being single day and night.

Fifth: make sure that neither you nor any member of his family is allergic to dog going to take home. While a pet is a unique experience, it should not become a health problem.ten-tips-before-you-buy-a-dog

Sixth: remember that your pet dog does not always enjoy the same excellent health with which he has come home, so it will require a vet checkup at least twice a year.

Seventh: do not get a puppy less than two months old, since before this time, you will need the food from his mother and she provides antibodies to offset their immune system is still weak.

Eighth: ask for vaccinations that have been applied to the puppy at time of delivery-and do to make implementing those that it needs. The vet will advise.

Ninth: go to a serious and responsible breeder, it is the only person able to answer for good puppy ancestry and overall.

Tenth: remember not take home a stuffed toy, but a living thing that requires care that achieves thoroughly to become a healthy and balanced adult. Note that the time and your new pet will outweigh all your efforts.