disputesHere are some things that many of them cannot stand … love, for sweet enough, you can get to hang in the balance.
If you are scrupulous about sex, likes to talk to boyfriend on the phone every half hour, I love playing mom, longs for his old flames or just think about getting married, do not be surprised that the leave at any time.

Only certain trifle enough, on both sides, so that the thing begins to falter. For now we will deal with some female behaviors that frighten many men. The following are the 25 attitudes that could put man running that interests you, according to a survey by the Internet through eltiempo.com in Colombia.

1. The second mother
A saying that was the one that first two. So you resign yourself, always be second best?? Even try to take the place of the mother. The Oedipus complex exists, but not the pique of Jocasta.

2. Intense
This is typical of what goop? Called every hour, silly question, want to know all the moves, pretending to be all the time with him. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays he sleeps in his apartment, to breakfast together and then, also, see the reality of the night close together. Furthermore, it is mellow, embraced eight hours sleep, wants to be stroked all the time, we talk style kisses baby and wait five minutes.

3. The cantaletuda??
God put this feature in females (someone had to do the dirty work …). But there is no right to have a woman, pitched between high and contralto take nagging in the car with the windows up, on the table, on the street, in line at the theater, by phone or even in the bathroom . Let us allow the sermon to mom.

4. The Mata Hari??
If something irritates a man is that he esculquen. Curiosity killed the cat and batteries to find clues to the past and secrets in the closet, desk, cell phone and wallet while he bathes. Think only get violent emotion if you find photos of brides and who knows what situations …

5. The RIVAL
Ladies, between a man and his best friend more faithfully than with his buddy the soul. Jealousy she only would bring rivalries and even jokes would object. Not that the catch will give kisses and clothes, but try to swallow and to leave together, as she enjoys grandfathered …

6. The desperate
Nothing more notorious than the desire to find a boyfriend and, worse, the marriage. This requires intelligence and less astute move a genoas is how get dads appointment? Month to meet, discuss marriage, rings, honeymoon and even tear up when you see a baby. Getting to the altar takes time. Accelerated could make it a cachucha?? Frustrated.

7. The do not spend
Let’s see … Chivalry is a quality we all love, but not abuse. As demand for their rights, not the den of princesses to spend them all. Avoid the tour of the mall, jewelry, the best restaurants and the pot de rigueur for wardrobe renew them, they amueblen the house and carried an all inclusive vacation. That work!

8. Excel syndrome
Something that ignites a type engines are old they plan everything in Excel table. Design you Forget diets, fitness routines, spa session, the market Paloquemao, visiting mom or dearest cousin, and alumni meetings. Let her schedule and activities do not think your book has so many spaces like Hello Kitty.

9. The very extroverted
Also known as flirty, talk a lot, are dear to everyone, hug, kiss and when they get drunk they become. From life of the party can pass each emerging nightmare and return not only attention but make them? Showcase? Front of everyone. Just do regret the next day.

10. The woman ant amigos
This has two characteristics: always accompanies but never integrates boyfriend is like a piece of furniture and mumbling word, not even making a fist and makes a face, or becomes so friendly and so close that every time we mess with commentary speaks emerged from tone or who question their intelligence.

11. Three are great company
Do not miss the old each carried leaving a sister, cousin or friend the most cool? ¿. If something gets on my nerves is that loaded with glue to all sides. For completeness, these companies do not have a nice weight and guess who’s the pig that pays …

12. Jealousy, jealousy damn
It is true that the macho culture makes them unsafe, but when the shadow has curves and lady suspected until the red, it gets serious. Rather, look no horns because there is some theory that the more jealous, more deceived.

13 The unsightly
Here just a pretty despedidoras beads: gold bracelet on the ankle below the average evening, the ring on one toe, the hairy Neanderthal syndrome: do not know what is the blade wax and mustache, legs , underarm and bikini, the nails decorated with jewelery, hair dye rooted and burned at the tips and white shoe with stretch jean. Ojo, many argue that the bad smell is more common than you think.

14. The moms? Vain?
These are the other extreme are well massaged at 3 am, after party, lip smack, go to the gym three hours a day in and out perfect, the mascara never runs them, use lip liner and blinking quite contrasted with frost in the shade. Almost always been in surgery for an implant, are nice, Nicole Kidman swears his clothes and put something strong scent betrays its proximity.

15. The Picky
Some decorators and the sting of two weeks after meeting the guy want to change the apartment seems frondia the laws house and expect to put on every door mat. They dream botarle the poster of Boca, never leave dirty dishes and clothes is just brand.

16. Not much to burn the holy …
Not much I did not shine. If love is looking for intelligence, nothing more than an old sucker intellectual analyzes to a powder. But also dispatches the only celebrity magazines read, do not know what is celebrated on August 7 and just wants to be like Julia Roberts in a life of comedy.

17. Football Hatred
If you do not like, let your man enjoy it. Something that really frightens the woman who gets mad if the Sunday afternoon is to football, the stadium, friends and a few beers, and not for her. Fresh, seek a friend; visit your mom or go to see art films.

18. Dissertations on love
Women forget that men want to discuss about love, relationship and conflict for three, four, five hours or a whole Saturday. Remember that the male gender, but love is more practical and does not come face to face goals, reflect and swears eternal love. That hug at the end of a discussion is not satisfied Byzantine, is pure theater, jury.

19 The attitude antihogar
If you want to lose her boyfriend at least two days, tell him five home care, learn to cook, have children and occasionally stay in the house. Nobody wants maids to the old-fashioned way, but those who barely released open the fridge and put the shoes in the washing machine at risk of not enjoying the sweetness of home.

20. The self
It’s true, women can do it all and even better than a man. But that peek, that smartass attitude, you do not need anyone and that pose some men not only scares but negated. Okay, are successful, but repeat and impress stop making more, and that, ultimately, only need his cum for a child. Who do you call when you go to the mechanic and they have changed to the helm, an astronomical figure?

21. Blackmail
Nothing lower than play with this. Some aim to make them suffer and jealousy cause them imaginary characters are sent themselves flowers on behalf of another, whine to get their affection, are victims and in a moment of anger? Decide not to give?, As if only he deprived of pleasure.

22. The rigorous and dirty
This category prudes and being passed. Girls, why turn off the light, put a face of disgust and pose as healthy after a certain age do not look. But beware, when the woman is more dirty than men, also runs the risk of scaring. Just do not suppress and show their arms slowly.

23. Slave to get caught
Women, their boyfriends or husbands are not your messengers, servicers, plumbers, electricians, drivers and also good lovers. That to pick me up, take me, let me, let’s move on …, lend and fix my not going. Do not give them the love of Kunta Kinte.

24. Comparisons
If among his most common phrases are? With my ex did this or that?, He was divine? Or does he always gave me. . .?, Their relationship has no future. If the longs So why not with them? To quote the plate? Ballad and let bygones be bygones, so I would not risk the future. And if you think the subject in question must be like his dad, urgently seek psychological help.

25. Questionnaires
There are several, but one of the worst of the survey is the number of brides, many women have passed through his bed and what has been the best powder. Do not insist on knowing which are and think because, as he says in Desiderata, there is always someone better and worse than you.