dog-educationAlways Time

Have you seen anything more painful than a master dragged along the sidewalk by a dog uneducated limits? How would both be happier if they shared some simple rules of coexistence. And this is possible, whether it is a young puppy as an adult. Always got time to educate them to become a docile and lovable companion. But remember, this education is based on mutual respect, not domination by fear. If you educate through punishment, may come to obey. But neither he nor you will enjoy the relationship of affection and joy that should unite all pet with its owner.

What can you learn?

A dog can learn many things, some very surprising. But perhaps what you want is to learn some simple commands to organize coexistence. The sooner, inculcate some times for important activities, such as feeding. It is amazing how they incorporate the routines, making everything more organized and simple. Then you can teach him to walk on the leash without getting ahead. Take her somewhere without many distractions and do not walk beside you re-base. If you try, yanks light but firm to the belt. Use the word NO to anything you want not to do. Reward him when he behaves as expected, caressing warmly and repeating his name with affection.

Sit and go

It is helpful if your dog obey the order to stand still. Teach him to sit or SIT SIT command. To do this, on a leash, give the command in a firm voice, while holding tight belt to keep his head down while you push down the back to sit. Do not expect to learn too quickly, repeat the action many times and always reward him fulfill the slogan. Teach him not to move with the order STILL. Stay away a little and if you try to come to your side, repeat NO. Then teach him to go with the order VEN. Never associate your arrival to something negative, like bandage his belt, and you will not want to obey you in the future. Reward him with effusive first touch, which is what he most expected of you. Take this time to learn and see how your dog becomes an ideal pet.