The-food-we-chooseThe food we choose says a lot about our lifestyle, our tastes and ideas and our emotions and behaviors. We based our selection of food in our age, preferences, culture and values. We are becoming increasingly demanding about the taste, quality, impact on health, food safety and cost, so that decisions have become increasingly complex and the most difficult to satisfy. Also, supermarkets and restaurants have developed strategies to introduce more and more options and sell products that do not need to consume.

Experts say we have to take more than 250 daily decisions about food. Every time you open the fridge, see a television commercial or a billboard where people are eating and watching a friend or coworker feeding (in all cases, being aware of it or not), you’re making a decision to eat or not eat and how products consume. This observation raises the question of the freedom we have to make decisions regarding food and what is really leading us to choose what we eat. Is the taste or hunger? Is the cost or convenience? How or where we grew up? With all the factors that influence our food choices is a miracle that we eat consistently.

However, we could say that our food choices are a form of self expression. Behind every child demanding of each adolescent quirky, each vegan, and each “meat and potatoes man” will hide the way of being of that person. The foods you choose and your eating habits serve to tell the world how it is, your mood and lifestyle. And you, what you are telling the world about yourself through the food you choose? Think carefully about your answer and be honest with yourself, because in that truth will find the key to implement the changes you need, improve your health and feel more beautiful and comfortable with your body.