Methods for Bulking Up

Being a gym regularly is necessary if you want to emphasize your muscles but there are also myriad ways to amplify your manly physique aside from lifting heavyweights. Yes, you read that right. Most men equate bulking up with long tormenting hours at the gym. While dumbbells can help you grow to become as massive as Captain America, it’s not the only way to beef up. There are proven and tested natural methods that can make your muscles grow bigger overtime. Of course, visiting the gym every chance you get is important but what we’re trying to insinuate is that you can achieve a finely sculpted rock hard body faster if you incorporate your exercise routines with these natural methods.

Let’s start with your choice of foods. Do you know that you can grow muscles just by carefully handpicking foods at the grocery store? Let me elaborate on that. Testosterone is the quintessential male hormone that is responsible for building muscles. Men need testosterone to maintain their masculinity and virility. So where does food get in the picture? Well, studies have shown that there are certain foods that are known to boost testosterone levels naturally through daily consumption. The more testosterone-boosting foods you consume the more likely will your testosterone levels surge. Another thing that concerns men is the fact that their testosterone levels naturally decline as they age starting at thirty onwards with an average of one to two percent each year. This sad fact should be enough to motivate men to be more conscious about their diet.

Having a bunch of grapes in the fridge is enough to raise your testosterone because of the resveratrol present in its skin. Aside from bulking up, having substantial amounts of testosterone is good for your sperm both in quantity and quality. According to Chinese researchers having five to ten grams of grape skins (an equivalent of 500 mg) is enough to significantly improve testosterone levels.

Another food staple that you need to fill up your freezer with is tuna. Tuna is loaded with vitamin D, a vitamin that is known to bolster testosterone up to ninety percent. This is according to a study done at the Graz Medical University in Austria. It boosts testosterone by lowering SHBG or Sex hormone-binding Globulin. Tuna has a funky smell to it but you can mask the smell if you cook it properly and dash in some flavorful herbs and spices.

You need to eat avocadoes if you want to look at all the macho. Researchers from Penn State University found avocadoes to be especially beneficial in lowering LDL cholesterol and increasing testosterone.

Building muscles is one of the greatest challenges any man could ever face in his life aside from losing weight because it requires more than just dedication and perseverance. It demands lifestyle changes that you seriously and routinely must follow. Now that we’ve covered the food department let us now delve into lifestyle factors that can help you become a certified muscled man.

This may sound a tad ironic but if you want to transform your body you need to get plenty of sleep. Sleeping allows your body to recuperate from training and it also keeps your testosterone levels high. We understand your eagerness to beef up but exercising all day without squeezing in some time for rest will be ineffective and it’s like you’re working out for nothing. If you want sound advice, get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Not only will you feel rested you will also be energized for the upcoming high-intensity workouts.

Another thing that men need to remember is that binging on alcohol can suppress testosterone. So the next time someone invites you over for a couple of drinks try to appraise yourself if you have enough self-control to keep you from getting drunk. Otherwise, you might need to rethink about accepting the invitation.

Taking supplements wouldn’t hurt either if you really are desperate to achieve a full-blown beefed up body. Tongkat Ali is an herb native to Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This herb has proven its efficacy in boosting testosterone levels through the intake of Tongkat Ali Extract. Because it is made from all-natural ingredients, there is no need for you to worry about adverse side effects. Besides, Tongkat Ali has been widely used all over the world because millions of fearless men know that it is safe to take and the benefits are incredible.

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