order-of-application-of-facial-careNo need for all beauty products that ensure the health of our face. The tonic is optional, and should only be used serum from thirty. Younger girls may begin to apply around the eyes, but if this is not for mature skin.

1. Cleaners
Creams and cleansers will keep your face clean of air pollution and makeup remains yesterday. Pick a cleanser if your skin is dry, but if you choose a soap grease. If desired, a calm tonic then your face.
2. The serum
Now that your skin is completely clean and can breathe, apply the serum in case you need this step.
3. The moisturizer
Do not forget your beauty ritual apply a moisturizer to keep your skin fresh and hydrated all day.Also the need if your skin is oily!
There are moisturizers for day and night. If you specify when to apply cream, moisturizing your face with it only then. If not indicate when you can use it for the day before makeup, and night after makeup.
4. The eye contour
After serum, used around the eyes in very small quantities, with the ring finger to achieve a very lightweight.
In the area of the circles should apply this product only and not the moisturizer. You can also opt for a lip contour.
5. Other treatments
If your dermatologist has recommended a particular treatment for acne, wrinkles or stains, this is the right time to implement it.