Being in love is very beautiful feeling. It feels very special when you know that somebody cares about you more than anything else in this world. When you start loving somebody, you put your trust in that person and expect that your trust is not broken at any cost. Trust is a very brittle thing. Once broken, it cannot be restored like it was before. It leads to the breakup of relationship between two lovers.

If someone loves you more than anything else in this world, then, you must thank god for being blessed as it is very difficult to find true lover in today’s world. If you are fully committed to your lover, this does not ensure that you will get the same response from your lover. You can only be responsible for your feelings and actions. You cannot control the feelings and actions of your partner. Sometimes your trust can be broken no matter you love your partner.

lover breaks your trust

It is very painful to know that a person you trusted and loved so much has broken your trust so badly. But this is not the end. You have to learn to move on in your life. If you have experienced that emotional trauma, then here are some things you should do when your lover breaks your trust.

Stay Motivated

If your trust is broken, you fear to trust anyone in this world. It seems to be the end of the world for you. In that case, keep inspiring yourself. Keep discovering the good qualities about you. This way you will learn that by loosing that relationship, you have not lost anything, but your partner has lost a passionate and reliable lover. It’s his or her loss not yours. It is better that you get rid of that love before it could harm you in the worst manner. It is bit difficult to do so, but once you are successful in motivating yourself, you can overcome that feeling.

Spend quality time with friends.

In dedication to your lover, you sometimes ignore the family and friends. You miss all the time you could spend with friends and family and have fun. Well now is the time to correct your mistake. Spend quality time with your family and friends. Have fun, go to movies, outings etc, in this way, you will realize that you can also be happy without your lover. In addition to that this might help you in finding someone better and the one who is right for you.

Total cut-off

If once you were hurt by a person, this was destiny. But if you get fooled by the same person, then, it is your mistake. Once your relationship is over, don’t try to keep any contact or communication with your ex even if he sends some sorry love poems. This will give him a chance to take emotional advantage of you and hurt you once again. No phone calls, no text messages and no emails. This will make him realize about his great loss.

Give yourself time

Time is the healer. The recovery from the emotional trauma is a gradual process. It takes time. You need not to rush. By the course of time, everything will become normal, and you will be happy in your life without your ex.


The author Ajay Chauhan is professional psychiatrist and writer. Working with Love Wale as relationship advisor, he has been helping people in overcoming various emotional traumas and dilemmas.