Creating the best Feng Shui for your newborn can be quite challenging. Although, you may know the basics and you understand how to create a peaceful and relaxing environment, just as well as you know how to create a stimulating environment, the challenge is to create both. Both relaxing and stimulating environment is essential for your baby. It needs a lot of undisturbed sleep in order to grow and rest from the hard work of growing up and learning, but it also needs to be lively and stimulated to learn, experience and grow. Therefore, here are some of the key factors of the Feng Shui for your baby room. It is up to you to put them into good use and to create balance among them.

The key factors are, of course, the lights, furniture arrangements, the position and the type of the cradle, unblocked energy flow, colors in the room and the room details. They can both stimulate and relax, so it is best to create separate areas in the room and make sure that they don’t clash.


The relaxing colors are the cool and colder tones of green and blue. On the other hand, more stimulating colors are orange, yellow and pink. In conclusion, the best would be to choose pastel shades of any of the colors you choose, so that they allow your child to have nice rest and playful environment. Avoid aggressive and intense patterns on the walls.


While they should not be too bright, they should not be too dim either. A very good idea would be to have a dimmer that can regulate the amount of light, according to the need of your baby and the part of the day. Flexible lighting are just perfect for your baby’s room.

Baby Room

Bed or Cradle

Whatever you do, don’t place it under the window and at the direct opposite of the door. It will make it on the direct energy path and your kid will not be able to have a good night of sleep. Also, this bed or a cradle should have something sold on the side of baby’s head. This can be a part of the bed itself, or a wall. In that way, your baby will have solid and sound support it really needs growing up.


There is a big list of things you should and should not have in your baby’s room. Mirrors are definitely out. They will not bring anything good, they are not needed and they can disturb baby’s sleep. Plants are fine, but only well-chosen ones. A lovely and softly floating dream catcher is a good idea, especially if it makes pleasant noises.

The electrical appliances must be reduced to a minimum. It is fine to have a baby monitor, but computers, TV sets, radios and all other appliances are out of the question. Only the most necessary appliances are allowed. Also, whatever can be made out of natural materials, should be.

This is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to creating a perfect Feng Shui for your baby’s room. It will take a lot of love and patience to make it, but, on the other hand, everything about your baby does.

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