The baths must be administered regularly to dogs but not very continuous, as this can reduce the animal possesses defenses of the skin, and saprophytic microorganism that provides hair grease lubrication, silkiness and prevents drying of the skin and therefore dandruff. It is also harmful to bathe the dog because moisture often remains in the animal during two or three days, although it has dried carefully. This increases the chances that the dog suffers breathing difficulties in the

Steps to follow. – Bathing a dog is not as simple as it sounds, because you need to follow some guidelines to avoid harming the animal, for example, introducing water in her ears. The first step is to take care of the water temperature and make sure it is lukewarm. Later, you have to rub the hair well with some special shampoo that was purchased at a vet. It is also possible to use coconut

It should start applying the shampoo down the back and you have to extend it to the legs, leaving the head for last. When you proceed to wash the head, you have to take precautions to prevent the soap from entering your ears or eyes.

The next step is to rinse, which is necessary to grab the dog’s muzzle and pour the water from front to back with a suitable container. This is one of the most important phases of the bathroom and better do it thoroughly, because many dogs suffer from skin disorders, because remnants of shampoo or soap that will leave their owners to their

After bathing. – The dog hygiene process does not end with the bathroom but then proceed to drying. It is advisable to accustom the animal to the hair dryer since childhood, as it is the most effective and fast, preventing moisture persists for too long. However, be careful that the hot air does not enter your ears.doy-after-bath-image2

Before using the dryer is first dried with a towel, with which you stroke, without rubbing, and always downstream to avoid the curls. At present, there are even special dog dryers, controlling noise rather, what most scares these animals.

Finally, to complete the whole process must proceed to comb and brush the dog. Depending on the animal’s fur brushing should be more or less lasting and comprehensive.