To achieve this lifestyle is necessary to consider health in a comprehensive way, as this will enjoy a more fulfilling existence. To this end, we present a pattern of behavior and health tips that will give us a better quality exist. Follow them and you will see the changes.

One. – Leading an active life

A sedentary lifestyle only brings inconvenience to our body, so look for how to perform exercises at home or to play sports outside.
If not possible, go for a walk at least half an hour a day. Remember that your heart is a muscle that needs exercise to stay healthy, like the rest of the muscles in your body.
The exercise, especially aerobic helps keep you healthy, strong and reduce stress, lose weight, prevent disease and, of course, live longer.

Two. – Power Monitor

It is not an obsessive turn to the subject and get to count calories all day, but I have to go awareness of choices within the food market and enjoy better health.
Find the way to lead a balanced diet that does not give up any food necessary for your body, ie, including vegetables, fruits, poultry, vegetables, fiber and lots of fluids.

Three. – Reduce intake of saturated fats

At this point it should be clear that we should not eliminate them or anything, but not having them daily consumption.
I mean you can eat a pizza or junk food once a week or every ten days, but the rest of the time trying to include healthier foods to your diet.
In addition, experts advise seize the cooking broth containing nutrients that flow of food during cooking, and use a lid to bake them for recovering the condensate rich in nutrients. It is best to cook steamed vegetables boil.

April. – Eat more fruits and vegetables

In this item there is no greater science. We all know the benefits of fruits and vegetables and how healthy they are. We deliver a host of vitamins and minerals, plus fiber rich, ideal for maintaining normal digestion.

May. – Prefer whole grains and good fats

Eat well in every way, always with more fruits, vegetables, grains, lean meats, keeping the limit calories and saturated fats and observing the size of the portions you serve.

June. – No smoking

The snuff is the most common form of drug abuse and is the cause of death most preventable, according to studies done in the United States.
Smoking can cause heart attacks, stroke, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and cancers of the lung, larynx, mouth, esophagus, bladder, pancreas and cervix. Not for nothing is that each year more than 440 000 people die from diseases caused by the use of snuff.

July. – Maintain a healthy weight

Have been carried out researches have shown that excess weight is a serious health problem for many people, and that increases your risk of developing serious illnesses, including heart, stroke, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.
Low weight, on the other hand, is directly related to heart problems, lowered resistance to infections, chronic fatigue, anemia, depression and other diseases.
These diseases are preventable if you take a balanced diet and weight is controlled, ie by maintaining a normal and balanced. To do this, it is best to change habits, including eating and physical activity. In this way it is possible to maintain a healthy weight for life.