Organizing-the-pantryTo organize your pantry, do not need perfection, or go as far as having everything in alphabetical order. But yes, having a well-organized pantry, it will be much easier to plan and prepare meals. A free pantry things that really does not take, take away stress and will be more enjoyable when deciding which prepare for the day.

Every six months, remove all the things in your pantry. Go reviewing them one by one, checking their status, date of expiry, or if you still want to keep or not.
Clean the shelves and walls. Make sure the shelves are tight or if you think you need a new facility to better organize cans or species.

The use of plastic containers clearly marked with their names, it helps to keep dry goods such as rice, flour, sugar or any other grain, fresh and in good condition. You can use baskets or any container for small things like dried fruit or tea bags.

You can increase your closet space by using wall pieces between the shelves to hang or remove products so you can reach them easily. Group your products together on each shelf: pasta, rice, beans, lentils. Soups and other canned vegetables, canned goods keeping these in a row, putting the newest, back.

Always label each shelf with the names of things to anyone in the house, you can easily find the product and where it belongs. It’s a good idea to put on a platter or tray, the sticky things like honey, jams or syrups, as in an accident or trail, will be cleaned faster.

When there are children at home, keep healthy products and allowed for them to eye level or height, easy to find and reach.

Kitchen Tips

Not to mourn with onion – Put a piece of onion on the forehead before you start cutting.

Another option is to put a dish of water where the couple is cutting the onion and wash the knife before each cut. Another solution is to put it in the freezer for 20 minutes before starting to cut.

To oil sink – Echele baking soda and then vinegar and let sit for several hours. If not serve the first try two or three more times.

For the guacamole does not get black – Sprinkle with lemon and put avocado seed on top. Cover with foil.

If not cooked the rice – Cover with a damp towel or with foil, put the lid and let stand on hot disk.

To remove the smell of tuna – After drain tin water, squeeze out over half lemon juice.

To clean the oven – Sprinkle with water while still hot and add salt.

To prevent odors in the kitchen – Cold celery in a pan with vegetable oil before you start cooking. Another trick is to take a piece of unpeeled apple into the boiling oil. When cooking cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower, to prevent odor Add nuts in shell in the water where they are cooking.

For pots burned – Take a dash of vinegar to cover the burned area and bring to a boil, then rinse and as good as new.

To not smell bad the fridge – uncovered Place a saucer with coffee. Another option is to place uncovered a box of baking soda.

For bananas and avocados ripen faster – Wrap them in newspaper.

If a meal it was salty – Split a potato in half and drop it in the food for 20 minutes. The potato will absorb the salt more.

To tell if an egg is fresh – pour it into a glass of water. If the egg is going to the bottom, it is fresh. If fleet is old.