How to-remove-the-dark-circlesThere are many reasons why we suffer dark circles, those nasty bags under the eyes that bring us down the street of bitterness. And numerous studies show that both men and women suffer equally.

Normally, the appearance of dark circles is due to poor blood circulation and thinning skin around the eyes. Excess blood flowing through the capillaries may be filtered and contact the skin tissue. When this happens, decomposing enzymes are released causing tiny blood hemoglobin components, which in turn remain around the eyes generating a purple or black. This happens due to lack of sleep, age, fatigue and unhealthy eating style.

But the dark circles can also be genetic. And if so, we hardly get rid of them.

When dark circles bags are shaped eyes that protrude from our natural anti-inflammatory are recommended (hot or cold), because its implementation will achieve drain fluid from the bags to the lymph or tear. Of the natural anti-inflammatory is the most popular cold cucumber. Cut several slices, let stand in water with ice cubes, apply them in the bags of your eyes and change them when you feel you are no longer cold. The more slices you put the sooner reduce inflammation in your eyes.

Tea compresses are also very effective. The you can apply warm or cold, but if you’re white pigmentation run the risk of obscuring the eye area because of the color of tea.

If dark circles are not bags but as large dark pigmentation around the eye, in 90% of cases it is a genetic problem. All I can do is clarify with a good concealer. The cosmetic industry offers a variety of brands and creams, liquids or powder compact. However, before buying the spell must take into account:

You must know the exact color of your dark circles, since the offset must contrast with the color of these. That is, to purple or violet circles to use a concealer that has yellow, blue dark circles are offset correction orange and brown with a concealer that is of the hue of your skin (preferably the same color of your cheekbones) . After applying the concealer not forget to seal it with a loose powder neutral or white, but not to overdo the amount so that the lines are not marked expression further.