Looks Beautiful After 40

When you hit 40 requires knowing some basic makeup secrets you subtract years and add beauty. Makeup, like clothing and hairstyle, it is essential at the time of renewing the image of every woman.

The secret to a cute, young and modern, lies in carrying out preventive care. We must be aware that the older we meet less makeup and more careful use must be with our skin. Women heavily made up with heavy bases and shades of many colors look much older and unnatural because of the massive amount of makeup that covers their face.

The first step to having a young and fresh without resorting to plastic surgery to collagen injections and laser procedures is provided by numerous products already on the market. Using them correctly and applying no excesses are achieved great results.

The concealer should always be a light shade. Applying it moderately and without exaggeration extraordinary effect is achieved.

If you have lines and wrinkles makeup base should also be as light as possible. The base pairs and gives more uniform texture to the skin, but the excess is quite negative.

Arrived 40 skin tends to dry by the decrease in the production of collagen and elastin. It is therefore very important to use moisturizing creams based on retinal to stimulate skin hydration and thus reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

In short, to achieve a youthful appearance is essential that the skin look very well hydrated, smooth and elastic. This is accomplished with light fixtures containing moisturizers. And that is why you should avoid and prefer pressed powder bases.

Along the same lines, the eye makeup should be very discreet. The very dry pearly shadows become a danger to the skin of the eyelids is not very firm or smooth. It is preferable that the shadows are creamy, pearly never because they increase the wrinkles around the eyes.

Another tip to keep in mind is related to the eyebrows. When are poorly drawn or when they are very dark or very light, add years to your face.

Finally, wear well-applied lipstick with a liner the same shade of your lips is a success that rejuvenates because as we age the lips are tuned, small wrinkles appear around the edge. To solve this problem creams and treatments are very effective, they returned to the lips hydrated appearance.

Now we only say that it is essential to remove all traces of makeup, especially in an area as sensitive as the eye area. This avoids the appearance of future wrinkles.

Do not forget that the eyes, neck, and lips age before any other part of the face, skin it neat, clean and healthy is essential to look younger and beautiful after 40.

Converts make your best ally. Learn to use it properly and enjoy this wonderful time of life!