Sports Injuries

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Sports practiced or want to start but you’re afraid of injury. Here we leave a number of recommendations so that there is no risk at the time of physical activity.

First, you need to visit a doctor beforehand to check our health and take precautions in case they are needed.

It is also advisable to seek advice from professional sports and physical activities you want to perform.

  •     Perform a good warm.
  •     Use the recommended footwear for each sports specialty, which must be comfortable, neither too loose nor too tight.
  •     Use socks or stockings.
  •     Make sure that the laces are tied.
  •     Do not eat gum while doing sport, since it would be in danger of choking.
  •     If the sport includes an opponent, do not use watches, chains, and rings to avoid hurting a teammate or opponent.
  •     Use the recommended protection for each sports helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, goggles, shields, etc..
  •     Maintaining basic hygiene, like not wearing the same clothes twice without washing (as the sweat carries toxins), air sports shoes, shower after sports practice into clean clothing.
  •     Bringing good nutrition, hydration and rest.
  •     If you lift weights, do it with your back straight.
  •     Use the proper technique for each sport, poor execution can give problems such as tendonitis, sprains, etc..
  •     Avoid harmful habits like alcohol, snuff, drugs or poor nutrition.
  •     In the case of asymmetric sports practice at the end of each training, the state is advisable to work clearing exercise with the other leg or the other arm.
  •     If you’re untrained or went through an injury, do not look for what you did when you were in shape. Adapt the activity to your condition and age.
  •     After each workout, stretching exercises, and relaxation.