When you experience an issue with your mouth sometimes it can be difficult to know just how severe it is. Symptoms such as bad breath (halitosis), swollen or bleeding gums, or internal mouth sores can be caused by a variety of reasons, ranging from simple things such as a change in diet all the way up to a range of much more serious issues such as gum disease. Often, it can be hard to decide exactly what your next steps should be in this kind of situation. Should you keep brushing and hope for the best, or should you book a visit to see your dentist right away?

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This helpful infographic can help you to make that decision, by providing you with an easy-to-follow guide made by Smile Pad that shows some of the common symptoms and suggests how you might deal with them. It offers simple, achievable adjustments and solutions that can help to keep you on top of your oral health.

Smile Pad are a group of dental centers with over ten years experience in the field, offering high-quality and affordable dentistry in London and the west of England.

Visual Symptoms Infographic


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