Our skin ages and wrinkles with time, but there are many things we can do to help it stay youthful and fresh if we combine some techniques and make a habit of taking care of our skin regularly. Here are a few specific ways you can rejuvenate your skin faster than you think.

  1. Prevention

Preventing skin damage is much more effective than using corrective measures once you have sunspots, wrinkles and saggy skin to deal with. Establishing good habits when it comes to sun exposure is crucial. You should always avoid spending time in direct sunlight or at least cover your skin with protective clothing like long-sleeved white cotton shirts, hats, scarves, and sunglasses. The harmful UV rays reflect off of glass and water so it is wise to wear a protective sunscreen of at least SPF 30, whenever you are out. Reapply it every two to three hours. Use a moisturizing lip balm with an SPF too.

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  1. Establish healthy routines

If you still hang on to any destructive habits like smoking or drinking alcohol, it is time to quit since they really damage your skin. Hydrate more and regularly, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day if you are not working out and more if you are. Get enough sleep and rest, sleep at least 8 hours, best between 10 pm and 8 am. Switch to a healthy balanced diet of organic vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, seeds, and herbs. Cut out all artificial food, sugary, fatty foods, any ingredients that are not natural and nourishing to your organism. It might take a while to get it all balanced out, but it is possible and the benefits will be instant and worth it.

  1. Use skin products

The great thing about pampering your skin is that you can make a lot of DYI masks with cheap ingredients like fruits and veggies, milk, honey, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil. You can make your own face scrubs from coffee and brown sugar and then use moisturizers and natural oils like olive, jojoba, coconut, and rosehip. The best thing about these ingredients is that they are all 100% natural. Nowadays, you can also find natural cosmetic products but it might be difficult to find the right one for you.

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  1. Consult a professional

In order to learn about your skin type and what kind of skincare is best for you, consult a professional. A good facial rejuvenation clinic in Sydney will be able to provide you with good advice and present you with the latest developments in the field of skin rejuvenation. You might be able to get your youthful skin back with only a few sessions of laser resurfacing, dermal fillers, IPL or some other modern laser treatment.

Good skincare includes the constant awareness of the impact our environment and our lifestyle have on the state of our wellbeing. Taking good care of ourselves will generally improve the condition of our skin as well.

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