Dog-allergyYou have allergies and do you think it is not possible to adopt a dog? well this is not quite accurate and the advice we give you may well give you hope to welcome a companion in your home. U.S. President Barack Obama, is one of the best known examples to illustrate this problem. Two daughters and wanted a dog requires presidential tradition, Barack Obama, had to be accompanied by a faithful companion to the White House. But a big problem opposed to respect for tradition, Malia, the president’s eldest daughter is allergic to dogs. The solution was made by Senator Kennedy offered, as a welcome gift to President Barack Obama and his family, a Portuguese water dog, known for its hypoallergenic qualities. Bo Obama named, became the most famous dog in the world and has helped raise awareness of the risks of allergies related to pets but also solutions that can be offered by the choice of suitable breeds.

Firstly, it is necessary to understand the origins of allergies to consider solutions. Some people are more sensitive than others, develop contact allergies to animals. In most cases, these allergies are caused by dandruff present in the animal’s coat and composed of dried skin and hair. These residues, dead skin somehow are allergens for some people. Some breeds produce less or little allergenic material and can reach your home without risking seizures allergic. But beyond the breed you choose, some habits can also reduce the risk of allergies.

Thirty races were identified as having hypoallergenic qualities generally associated with the absence of fur or skins secretion significantly less allergens than other breeds. The American Kennel Club (AKC), the main kennel club in the United States, has just published a non-exhaustive list of the 11 main breeds of dogs known for their special hypoallergenic. For most known to the public and other more unusual, these dogs must also be chosen for their behavioral qualities for perfect cohabitation, including with children.

11 breeds of dogs with hypoallergenic qualities
The Bedlington Terrier
this particular breed of English origin, has the appearance of a little lamb to adulthood with a very curly coat and smooth on the head. Formerly used for racing, as the greyhound, the Bedlington terrier quickly became a domestic dog who lives with the family perfectly. This breed is still quite rare in France.

The Bichon Frise
derived from a cross between the Maltese and poodle at a variety of Renaissance Italy, the Bichon is particularly appreciated for its silky coat and white as its very affectionate. Very sociable and worshiping play, the Bichon Frise is a perfect companion for the family and especially suitable in case of allergies.

The Chinese Crested dog
If its origin is debatable, it is a centuries-old breed that still fascinates by its lack of hair on the vast majority of body and localized tufts on the head and at the bottom tabs. This breed is not particularly fragile but specific care of their skin unprotected necessary.

The dog or the Irish Setter Irish Water
dog very intelligent player and especially the Setter Irish Water has a very dense coat and waterproof. Regular brushing is necessary to keep his hair naturally curly and hypoallergenic.

Kerry Blue Terrier
this breed is particularly comprehensive. Once used for hunting, he became a very good domestic companion that thrives in many physical activities such as agility. If its hypoallergenic coat is quite suitable for sensitive people, still check his terrier temperament is compatible with your lifestyle.

The Maltese
highly valued for its long silky coat and its joie de vivre, the Maltese is perfectly suited to family life or a single person. Contrary to his appearance and his long hair, it presents real hypoallergenic qualities.

The Poodle
This breed comes in many sizes, from small (toy) to the highest (royal) but is a characteristic common to poodles, their coat hypoallergenic. Very intelligent, the Poodle is able to learn quickly and completely successful learning tricks such. It will fit perfectly into a family but still have a preference for one of its members.

The Portuguese Water Dog
race little known a few years ago, the Portuguese Water Dog has become very popular since the arrival of one of its members to the White House. Sturdy dog, it was once used for hunting in wet and particularly he is not afraid with a waterproof coat. This feature makes it particularly hypoallergenic.

The Miniature Schnauzer
one of three varieties Schnauzer with a rough coat on top and Soft below. Schnauzer moved very little and is suitable for sensitive people. It is a very good company for the family that can adapt to life in an apartment or house.

The Irish terrier soft bristle
true terrier character, it is particularly appreciated for its soft and silky fur, as its name suggests. It will perfectly keep your home and share family entertainment with great energy. The Irish Terrier requires regular maintenance but it loses very little hair.

The Mexican naked dog
probably one of the most unusual breeds and raises some fascination and repulsion for others. The least we can say that race and leaves no one indifferent with its total absence of hair on the entire body which makes it perfectly hypollagernique.