How to get fitness

In recent years, the word “Fitness” has started to become popular in our country, but do you really know what it means?
Traditionally the word, from the English, “fitness” is translated as “health” or “get in shape”, and in turn, they have been defined, wrongly, as “non-disease”.
The Fitness is certainly a much broader concept than simply not being sick that would include a satisfactory state, both physical, mental and social.

Consider then, how to get this state in each of its aspects.

1. – First of all, we would have to take into account the prevention of all kinds of diseases, especially those causing increased mortality.
– One of the leading causes of death is cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, to have “health” we must prevent major cardiovascular risk factors, hypertension, obesity, cholesterol (LDL and VLDL) High blood, adult diabetes and stress. Of these factors, the sport prevents, moderates or reduce them. Especially moderate cardiovascular work is the most beneficial for this type of factors. Increased caloric expenditure reduces the percentage of body fat and thus obesity and another host uptake of glucose by the muscle causes the individual has fewer insulin needs and thus in the case of intolerant insulin (adult onset diabetes) would reduce its attendant problems of high blood glucose levels. And you do not talk about the relationship demonstrated between stress reduction and regular physical activity.
For all this, since the ’50s has been recommended from medicine and from numerous institutional proposals of all kinds, the regular practice of a form of cardiovascular activity. And as I explained is certainly needed to improve health.

– Perhaps the second leading cause of cancer mortality. Especially it should be noted cancers of the lung, breast, colon, prostate and skin. Many people tend to associate the diagnosis of cancer with bad luck, but the truth is that today, many known risk factors that we know about his relationship with this disease.
Therefore, for many years to be healthy and prevent these diseases should avoid snuff, pollution, free radicals (present in fried and roasted), excessive sunbathing and saturated fat. On the other hand, we must promote those factors that prevent, such as sport and a healthy diet.

That said, eating a varied diet rich in vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, white meat and fish, and fruits and vegetables daily (Mediterranean diet), it is also healthy and can not circumvent it if we pursue this state of fitness.

2. – Secondly we note the work to give the body greater degree in the different basic physical qualities, which will give us the quality of life.
We speak, then, of what “quality of life”. Having the quality of life can be defined in many ways but a simple way to understand it would be defined as the “power to do things.” Thus, a person will have the quality of life if, with your body, you can do more things. With this definition, a person who can finish a marathon, climb a 3000m mountain, swim in the sea 1h or relocate some furniture will always have a better quality of life than another person who can not climb stairs, you can not lift a weight above his head, who can not walk 30 ‘or has no balance to ride, whether either has any disease.
To get the physical level that allows us to do all kinds of activities we have adequate muscle strength and flexibility and minimum stretch.
– The lack of strength causes instability in the joints and can not move with agility and speed.
– Lack of flexibility (closely related to the above) causes the joints to wear out and you have osteoarthritis, tendinitis, herniated or contractures.
– Finally, the lack of elasticity predisposes us to suffer muscle tears.
For all this, to have the freedom and the “health” of all kinds of exercises, we should not ignore the muscle work and mobility.

In short, to get that state is known as Fitness should regardless of age, fitness level, gender or availability-perform some cardiovascular work, strength training complete and adequate to our level, maintain or regain flexibility and muscle elasticity, of course, eating a healthy diet. Also, we should avoid stress, snuff and rest properly.

A gym or fitness center can help you meet your fitness goals. The right gym helps you take control of your health, train for an athletic event, recover from an injury or simply serve as a fun place for recreation and socializing.

With so many gyms and fitness centers to choose from, it is important to think about what features matter most to you, keeping in mind your current fitness level, personality, and overall health goals. Also consider cost, convenience and important features before signing a membership contract.

To better find and start your fitness journey, here is our buyers guide to generate your first step in accomplishing your fitness goals: Gyms and Fitness Centers.