fitness-exerciseDifferences between aerobic and anaerobic exercise: what is achieved with each? Aerobic exercise is one where the body needs the presence of oxygen to develop, is characterized by light physical activity or moderate continuously for long periods, this type of exercise helps strengthen the cardiovascular system and lose and control weight through use stored fat in adipose tissue. To be certain you are in the area of fat loss attempts to keep between 65% and 70% of your maximum heart rate, this is calculated by subtracting your age from 220, which gives the figure is around 100% of estimated 70 % and so you know if you’re losing fat or just exercising your heart. Moreover anaerobic exercise is one that is made for very short periods and high intensity (highly explosive) and the muscle does not require oxygen to do it, a good example of these are the weights and the sprints too short or any other high-intensity exercise by anaerobic exercise strengthen muscles, improves muscle tone and muscle volume is generated, also helps weight loss. The idea is to combine both years to be in great shape, but people who have not exercised in a while or have never done, need to gain condition gradually to them walking, jogging or bicycling are excellent examples for start losing fat without compromising your health.