parents-learn-from-childrenGrowing up is not easy. Growing up means winning and losing. We won maturity, learning … but we are losing and gradually turning certain behaviors and attitudes of children as spontaneity, curiosity and the ability to surprise at the things that seem normal adults. Maybe these abilities are dormant within us and when we have children wake up at times.

Our children are young trunks of surprises and lessons, if we stopped to watch them, listen to them and follow them, we will learn much more from them than they from us. My daughter has always taught me more than I love her, and I’m sure many families feel the same. Want to know what you can learn from your kids? Following are some ideas:

1 – Children are a well of creativity, imagination and fantasy. It would do no harm to try new sensations, sometimes leave aside reason and dive into the emotions and dreams.

2 – The children are driven by prejudices and obsessions. It would do no harm for us to live with more freedom of thought and attitudes without being drawn into what others say. Life is simple, we are the ones that complicate.

3 – Children are naturally curious. Everything is new to them. It would do no harm sometimes open our eyes, and we looked at everything as if for the first time. Sure you will always find something new.

4 – Children make friends very easily, at school, in the park and even in the waiting room of a medical consultation. It would do no harm to look more to the people, be nice to her. It’s useless to lock ourselves in our “cage” and live alone in our beliefs.

5 – Children may be disappointed when something does not go wrong, but never discouraged. Your dreams are still there, waiting to be made. We would not hurt us to keep your attitude. We will return always dreams despite the obstacles, barriers and difficulties.

6 – Children learn from their mistakes. When they are hurt by something they do it again. Gradually learning what really is good or bad for him. We would not hurt us to see things this way. We learned to appreciate the good and away from evil.

7 – Children take advantage of everything, even a cardboard box. Do not get bored. They collect things at the chance to play. They play up with a simple piece of paper. It would do no harm to also not lose the opportunity to transform our moments into something beneficial and productive. We have no reason to get bored.

8 – The kids are very generous to others because what they want is to share, learn from each other. It would do no harm to anything or a time panty others. As we approached the hearts of others, we become more generous and kind.

9 – Children are free and independent people want to learn and do everything alone. We could do awaken our autonomy at home and at work. Do not expect others to do things for us and not blame them for not having managed to make something.

10 – Children are lively, curious, spontaneous, magical…. Where we left this ability to smile and laugh at yourself, to be who we are actually openly or masks …? When we have stopped being children?