Sick-DogAn emergency can occur at any time and your dog’s health is no exception. Most of the time, it’s not serious problems, but sometimes it is much more serious. The French, according to a recent survey, nearly 70% are practicing self-medication and therefore priority use drugs or other care products they have at home, without actually have medical knowledge.

Here are some tips to try to identify minor ailments you can treat yourself but also situations requiring mandatory notice and the intervention of a veterinarian. In all cases, and when in doubt, the advice of a vet is probably the best option.

– Eyes: When your dog has an irritation to the eye or any other discomfort, it is imperative to consult a vet, would that the difficulty for their owners to identify the cause of this disorder. On the other hand, the eye is very sensitive, the consequences can be severe and the situation deteriorated rapidly.

– The vomiting and diarrhea: occasional vomiting are common in dogs and can be treated at home as it is not confined to his corner without moving and the vomiting stops.
Dice the onset of vomiting, remove his food and water bowl for 12 hours. After this time, turn it again available to the water temperature. If he can not vomit during the 2 hours following the absorption of water, you can give small amounts of food. You can then offer him carrots, cooked chicken breast, … but it will be essential to avoid other vegetables, cooked, … upon return of vomiting, a consultation with your veterinarian is required.
Diarrhea can be treated for their momentarily removing food from your dog. However, make sure it has enough water to hydrate.
If your dog seems particularly low, it is aged less than 16 weeks old or is the opposite, it will pay a visit to your veterinarian without waiting too long because they are more fragile.

– “Bloating” and gas: when the stomach swells due to excess air or simply by poor exhaust gas from the fermentation of certain foods, it no longer works properly and swells abnormally. The dog will then try to vomit, be more anxious and will show a swollen belly. This disease is very dangerous, fatal in 10-60% of cases. The consultation will be mandatory as soon as possible and dice the onset of symptoms.

– Allergic reactions: Your dog can develop an allergy to an insect bite, with food, or a drug. In this case, his nose and eyelids tend to swell. Even if it is not pleasant for your dog, there is no real danger. Buttons can sometimes appear and itching but it does not matter. Your veterinarian may, however, prescribe treatment to relieve and probably learn about the origin of the allergy.

To rescue your dog, make sure you have the time, as for the rest of your family, a first aid kit containing, among other things:
– Bandages and adhesive
– Sterile gauze for wounds
– Gauze to cover and / or clean wounds
– A soap or antiseptic solution for cleaning wounds / wounds
– To put a collar around the neck of your dog and keep him from licking or scratching on liaises areas
– A blanket or a blanket to keep him warm

When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian who has the knowledge necessary to assess the potential risk of a disorder which could be experienced by your dog. It is better to call him a minor problem to miss a more serious problem.