Why Are Teenagers Opting For Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic surgery has become one of the most popular medical treatments which people are opting for today. The influence is even greater on teenagers. The young generation today is overly conscious of their body image. As per the new research, 75% of teachers believe that children are more concerned about their body image than ever before, especially those who are in pre-puberty, which means between 13-19 years of age.

The reason why teenagers are willing to go under the knife is the lack of acceptance for their body image. They are either trying to please someone, have been influenced by stereotypes which media creates, following examples if one of the parents has gone through it or are suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Plastic surgeries that are being performed today are Rhinoplasty (42%), Gynecomastia (17%), Otoplasty (15%) Breast Augmentation (5%). Chemical Peels (3%), Breast Reduction (3%), Microdermabrasion (5%), Skin Resurfacing (9%), Dermabrasions (2%). Out of these, Nose Job, Breast Augmentation, Otoplasty, Breast Reduction for men and Liposuction stands out to be the most popular among teenagers.

Phenomenal growth has been noticed in the number of cosmetic surgeries that have taken place over time. The data for this is as follows –

2002 – 130502
2006 – 131877
2011 – 178041
2012 – 220077

It is the duty of plastic surgeons to evaluate teenagers. Cosmetic surgeons should assess the physical maturity of teenagers, explore their emotional maturity and expectations. They should also let them know the recovery time and explore risks. The certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a must on the credentials.

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