yoga careYoga is a way of life for centuries and followed increasingly widespread yogis worldwide.Yoga is a philosophy that includes balancing the mind and spirit with the body with meditation. As everything has a lifestyle with basic recommendations for yoga care that can benefit their practices better. Let’s see them.

One of the ancient traditions of yoga is booming. Its many benefits for our bodies and our minds every time they have more followers, so there are some guidelines that must be taken into account when following this lifestyle.

Feeding in yoga

It is recommended to practice yoga on an empty stomach, it has been at least 4 hours before practice. If it is essential to drink, that is some juice or tea. Yogis often follow a vegetarian diet.

How to dress in yoga     

Especially that comfortable clothing that allows for complete freedom of movement. It omits the use of skirts. Better off any jewelry, sunglasses or other accessories.

Yoga care during pregnancy

Yoga has benefits during pregnancy and childbirth affect the baby, but there are basic tips to follow. During the first 3 months all exercises can be practiced sitting. The trunk tilt requiring too but gently, without pushing the belly. In the last month and during the first after giving birth should not do any exercise. After months depend on the evolution of the body, never forcing.

General Tips for Yoga Care

When you feel pain in your face or too much stress or headache, is due to the exercise and try again after more smoothly. Never force excessively. If you suffer from any medical condition you should consult with your doctor whether or not advised to follow the practice of yoga. Yoga exercises should make you feel good physically and mentally, if not, check that they are doing the right way. It is convenient to have contact with a teacher qualified yoga and meditation. You have to do the exercises and controlled breathing slowly, feeling the response of our body. To notice fortifying and revitalizing effects should be practiced regularly, thus helping to achieve a healthier life and longevity.