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Every time you wake up in the morning you think about going for a jogging or at least making some squats. You know that working out is good for your body. You know that regular exercises help get rid of extra anxiety, stress, and over fatigue. Moreover, you also know that workout increases your cognitive functions. But even a thought of juggling literary makes you cry, and you start to feel how your knees start to burn because of squats.

How can you workout and have fun? It is possible to enjoy physical exercises, get all the benefits of them, and anticipate for a new workout every day? In fact, there is an effective method. And this is dancing!

Dancing as a cardio workout

Dancing is not just moving your body to the sounds of your favorite song. Dancing is a strong workout that incorporates all the muscles, including deep body muscles. Dancing makes you flexible and resilient. Moreover, dancing is more effective to your body than running.

The secret of dancing effectiveness is making your upper body work with the same intensity as the lower body. Keeping this balance, you make your heart work with higher intensity without extra-loads.

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Dancing as a cure for your back

If you dance in classes, you can notice that the cardio intensity of the workout is not as high as you dance at home. However, you work with your body muscles. To dance, you need to keep your back straight and control the movements of your legs.

Dancing affects your lower back. When you dance, you incorporate lower back muscles, making them stronger. The therapists say, that people who are spending most of the time sitting, have a very weak lower spine. Strong muscles support the spine, so you do not have strong pain in this part of a body.

Dancing for a good mood

If stress and depression are your constant companions, you need to take at least a couple of dancing classes. Dancing makes you feel happy. However, if you have never danced before, you may need some time to relax and feel comfortable.

Dancing is perfect for making new friends especially if you take group classes. You can try dancing in pairs: samba, mambo or waltz. You meet new people with common interests and become happier each time you meet another person who admires dancing and can teach you something new.

Why does dancing have so positive effect on your mood? First of all, movement causes the release of hormones of happiness reducing stress and anxiety. Secondly, you listen to the music which also has a curable effect upon your mind. And thirdly, when you closely communicate with other people (even though you are an introvert) you get open to new experience.

Dancing increases confidence

The studies have shown that dancing is the most effective tool to increase the confidence, especially for women. When you get control over your body, you also get additional points to the feeling of confidence. Dancing makes you feel differently and it also changes your attitude to your body. Your body also changes: it becomes well-built, you lose weight and you get better body proportions.

Dancing in group classes also increases your confidence in communication with other people. That is why psychologists insist that shy and unconfident people should take dancing classes regularly.

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Why should I start dancing right now?

If you still are in doubts about dancing, check these 15 secrets of people who already dance. We talked with professional dancers, amateurs, beginners and experienced dancers about how dancing has changed their life and how it completed their current well-being. Perhaps, these secrets will inspire you to go to the dancing class right now!

1) Dancing helps with heart problems and fixes problems with pressure.

2) Dancing help boosts health. Besides, the studies insist that dancers have a lower rate of dementia diseases.

3) Moderate dancing workouts are safe for pregnant woman. Besides, dancing strengths abs muscles helping to carry the baby.

4) Dancing turns you into aesthetics: ballet classes make your struggle physically even more, that gym loads with weight.

5) You can start to dance at any age!

6) Dancing makes you feel younger.

7) You master your balance and coordination.

8) Dancing makes your feel sexy.

9) You reveal your body from a new side.

10) Dancing is a cure for your bones and joints.

11) Dancing makes you more artistic. It improves your musicality and feel of rhythm.

12) You never think about problems when you dance! You just enjoy the moment.

13) There are so many dance styles and you can always find something interesting for you!

14) You get rid of cultural barriers.

15) Dancing helps with lipid control and decreases level of cholesterol

Dancing is blessing for your body! Stop sitting: turn on the music and start to move. Even home dancing workouts will make your body stronger. Give it a try and dance through your life!

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