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Are you a health blog writer? Write for us health, wellness, and other health topics.

We always welcome the health writer(s) who want to become part of our expert writing team to share their knowledge, experience, and advice on “Health & Wellness”.

Become a Contributor

We’re looking for talented contributors including fitness experts, doctors, researchers, and healthcare professionals, as well as knowledgeable and passionate writers who have a passion for writing about health, fitness, and healthy living.

We’re interested in creative, and well-written articles that inspire our fast-growing community of health and fitness readers.

Guidelines for Submitting an Article

  1. Length: Articles must have 800 to 2500 words.
  2. Format: Articles should be written in standard English. The article’s tone should be informative and educational. Articles must have 5 headings at least and use short paragraphs that are easy to read.
  3. Quality: The quality of the content should be good and should not be biased or in no way advertise (infomercial) about your page or blog.
  4. Topic: Articles must be related to “Health & Wellness”.
  5. Image(s): The contributors are required to submit at least 2 photos along with their articles. The dimensions are 640 pixels in width by 426 pixels in height. Make sure that you have permission to use the images. You can choose images from &  (Please send images URL along with images).
  6. Links: The necessary and authoritative Outbound Links are allowed in the article.
  7. Original: All submissions must be fully original and should not be published elsewhere. If any pictures are included, they must not have any restrictions to be used. A photo of yours, if any, will be gladly put up.
  8. Bio: The short Author Bio is required for each article.
  9. Editing: We reserve every right to edit the formatting and wording of your article if necessary.
  10. Avoid: Lastly, Don’t send spammy and robotic pitches for your submissions, be genuine and give me the best of your writing. I have a really good audience here and I don’t want to disappoint them one bit!

We can’t accept SEO-driven and promotional pieces of content. All the articles will be thoroughly verified before publication.

Ready to submit?

Please submit your complete article to the editor at []. You will be notified when your article is published.

How To Search Health Guest Posting Sites?

Finding health guest posting sites can be a valuable way to share your expertise, build backlinks, and enhance your online presence.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to search for health-related guest posting opportunities:

  1. Keyword Research: Begin by identifying relevant keywords related to health. These could include terms like “health and wellness,” “fitness,” “nutrition,” “medical advice,” “healthy lifestyle,” and more. These keywords will be used in your search queries.
  2. Search Engine Queries: Use search engines like Google to search for guest posting opportunities. Use the following search queries, replacing “your keyword” with the actual keywords you’ve identified:
    • write for us health
    • write for us + health
    • “write for us” + health
    • write for us “health”
    • health “write for us”
    • write for us health and safety
    • health guest post guidelines
    • guest post + health
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    • submit guest post + fitness
    • write for us + health and fitness
    • write for us wellness
    • health + guest post
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    • health guest author guidelines
    • health + become a contributor
  3. Niche-Specific Websites: Look for websites that specifically focus on health topics. These could be health magazines, wellness blogs, medical news sites, and more. Search for phrases like “health blogs,” “wellness websites,” or “medical news sites” to find potential guest posting platforms.
  4. Social Media Groups and Communities: Join relevant health-related groups and communities on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Engage in discussions, network with other members, and keep an eye out for any guest posting opportunities that may be shared within these communities.
  5. Guest Posting Platforms: There are platforms designed to connect guest authors with websites looking for guest posts. Look for platforms like “GuestPost,” “MyBlogGuest,” or “BloggerLinkUp.” These platforms often categorize opportunities by niche, making it easier to find health-related opportunities.
  6. Competitor Analysis: Identify competitors or websites in your niche that accept guest posts. Use tools like Moz’s Link Explorer or Ahrefs to analyze their backlinks. This can help you discover where your competitors are guest posting and potentially find similar opportunities for yourself.
  7. Industry Directories: Look for industry-specific directories or lists of health blogs and websites. These directories often categorize blogs by niche and might include information about whether they accept guest posts.
  8. Check Websites for Guidelines: Once you’ve identified potential websites, visit their “Write for Us” or “Guest Post Guidelines” pages. Review their guidelines, submission process, and any specific topics they’re looking for.
  9. Pitching: Craft a well-written pitch that explains who you are, your expertise, and why you’d be a valuable guest author for their site. Tailor your pitch to each website’s guidelines and focus.
  10. Networking: Attend health-related conferences, webinars, and events to network with professionals in the field. This can help you connect with potential website owners who might be interested in hosting your guest posts.

Remember that quality is key. Focus on providing valuable and well-researched content that is relevant to the target website’s audience.

Building relationships with website owners and maintaining a professional and friendly approach will increase your chances of successful guest posting opportunities.