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How Millennials are More Eco-friendly than Older Generations


Each generation handles the environment differently. For thousands of years, not much thought was given to the planet’s ecology. More recent generations have had to deal with the growing environmental threats posed by the human species. As time continues to pass, the attitudes of current generations towards the environment are clarifying, leaving younger generations, including […]

How Has the Dieselgate Scandal Affected Air Quality?

Dieselgate Scandal Affected Air Quality

The Dieselgate scandal broke in September 2015 but years later, carmakers are still busy paying off fines and compensations, facing class-action lawsuits, and recalling vehicles. Affected car owners have also been busy working with their solicitors, preparing what they need to file a diesel emissions claim against their manufacturer. The biggest impact of the scandal, […]

The Benefits Of Recycling In Your Home And Community

Recycling In Your Home

Recycling refers to the process of collecting and processing waste and turning them into useful products. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generate 300 million tons of waste every year. Unfortunately, only 32% of this waste gets recycled. The rest is either burned or ends up in landfills across the country. Burning or burying waste […]

7 Benefits of Educating Young People About Environmental Health

Environmental Health

The preservation of ecosystems such as lakes, parks, and forests is the responsibility of the entire society, including children. Without educating young people about the benefits of preserving the environment, forests will be bulldozed, and what will remain is a land full of building complexes or shopping malls. That is why many parents and concerned […]