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Traditional Braces or Clear Aligners: Which is Better?

orthodontic treatments

Teeth straightening not only improve smile but also prevents oral issues like a spike in cavities because of complexity in cleaning overlapping teeth, temporomandibular joint problems, difficulty in chewing food properly, etc. Getting braces is one of the most preferred orthodontic treatments for crowded or spaced teeth, a misaligned bite, crooked teeth, etc. Thanks to […]

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Titanium in Dental Prophylaxis Paste. What is Titanium and Why Is It Used?


Dental prophylaxis paste contains a special blend of polishing and cleaning agents. Only professional hygienist or dentist is qualified to use dental prophy paste. These professionals are aware of the right concentration of fluoride ion to use for cleaning and polishing your teeth. Titanium is added as a bleaching agent to whiten the paste. To […]

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