5 Benefits of Organic Laundry Detergent

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To live a healthy, green life, you exercise and control what you eat, don’t you? Maybe now it’s time to kick it up a notch, don’t you think? What I mean to ask is why should you stop there? Is your ultimate goal to keep you and your family comfortable and safe? If yes, then let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of detergents as well. In that case, here are 5 benefits of organic laundry detergent.

The commercial options that the market contains are quite effective. But there is a major downside to this. Such detergents come with artificial preservatives, chemicals, and pollutants. And these don’t sound so friendly to the human body. So let’s find out how the green detergents are a better option.

What you should know before reading on


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When buying laundry detergent, you never go through the ingredients at the back. In fact, most of us always opt for the brand that offers a huge discount.

But if you somehow get past that and happen to look at the ingredients, you’ll spot all the surfactants. These are chemical wetting agents responsible for allowing water to penetrate the fabric. Surfactants release benzene, which is a toxin associated with reproductive disorders and cancer.

Another thing you should know; the chemicals of these detergents don’t work towards keeping clothes clean. Such detergents are only aesthetic enhancers. What this means is that their job is to just improve the appearance and smell of your clothing.

The ingredients of most commercial laundry detergents agitate health conditions. And they also contribute to developing allergies. So now you know why the war between green detergents vs conventional detergents is so hyped up!

5 Benefits of Organic Laundry Detergent


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#1 Organic laundry detergents have no harsh chemicals

When your skin comes in contact with harsh chemicals, it leads to the formation of skin allergies. And sometimes, it can even cause breathing problems such as asthma. But if you use organic-based products, such breathing issues are nonexistent.

The chemicals that our clothes contain come in direct contact with the skin. And this is how they gain access to the body. So in such a case, the benzene and parabens content of commercial detergents enters the body. And it contributes to causing cancer.

#2 Organic laundry detergents are environment-friendly

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The harsh components present in laundry detergents are not just toxic for the human body. After doing laundry, these chemicals get drained out along with wastewater. This means they become a part of rivers and streams.

If they aren’t good news in terms of human health, then it’s no different when it comes to the environment.

#3 Organic laundry detergents make your clothes last longer

Here’s the most important point out of the 5 benefits of organic laundry detergent. It’s the chemicals found in commercial products that you need to stay away from. The traditional detergents tend to lighten the colors of your clothes over time.

On the contrary, natural versions wash your clothing while also protecting these colors. And please don’t think that organic detergents don’t have the ability to remove odor and dirt. They do so as efficiently as their conventional counterparts.

#4 Organic laundry detergents contain soothing essential oils


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When you choose the good smelling laundry detergent, you get essential oils. But this only applies to the organic types. These don’t just please your nasal senses but also offer non-allergenic properties. Now, this is something that you don’t get with commercial fragrances.

In fact, common detergents give rise to allergic symptoms rather than preventing them. But with organic options, the whole experience becomes relaxing and soothing. Thanks to the addition of myrrh, frankincense, and lavender.

For an invigorating and uplifting scent, nothing beats orange essential oil. As for refreshing and relaxing vibes, you can pick a eucalyptus-citrus blend.

#5 Organic laundry detergents are like fabric softeners

In that case, there’s no need for you to use any fabric softener. These detergents contain coconut oil. It does an excellent job at keeping your clothes as soft as you’d like. And this is something that you don’t achieve when you use harsh chemicals.

Plus, the presence of essential oils adds a pleasant fragrance to the clothes once they dry up. All the more reason to not use fabric softeners, right?



Commercial laundry detergents come with artificial fragrances, phenols, phosphates, and optical brighteners. And in most cases, the volume of such components is pretty high. So don’t expect to buy any standard detergent without these toxic ingredients. They are in no way good for you or the environment.

This is why I gathered as many as 5 benefits of organic laundry detergent. Now that you know what’s better, how likely are you to ditch the commercial brands? Please don’t hesitate to share your stories with us here.

If you have any useful advice to offer, please do so. The comments section is created only for you.

I hope the article was interesting and informative. Do come back soon for more!

Meanwhile, it’s time to go green by washing your clothing organically.

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