Dementia is a brain disorder which affects with a person’s daily mental functioning like thinking, memory, language, learning, decision-making and problems with communication and reasoning. If we explained it simply then it is just a loss of mental functions. It causes because of the loss of nerve cells in the brain and affects blood vessels also. So more parts of the brain cells become damaged or die and causes vascular dementia. Age is the most common risk factor for Dementia and Dementia affects with a possibility cause in almost all brain functions in people over the age of 65. Old age is not a limitation for this disease. But possibilities are there that each age persons are differently getting affected.

There are so many symptoms for a person with dementia as it directly affects the brain functions. It changes their mood and they become easily upset, irritate and unusually sad. Currently the causes of Dementia cannot be cured, but can be live well with this condition with proper care & support. Drugs are available that may cure some of the symptoms like high blood pressure and high cholesterol etc. Need to maintain a healthy life style with a regular physical exercise, not smoking, and drinking which somehow can reduce the risk of Dementia. Here is an explained infographic by the team of